Welcome To Summer 2010

So now the time to relax is here if such a thing is at all possible for a citizen of NYC.  Use the time to enjoy the sights and things around you with those most important to your day and life.  The spanning shot below was taken quite some time ago and if I remember was done when some out of town friends wanted to see the park.  It was new to them.

Serenity Now

There are a whole lot of great visuals in this massive park and hence the reason the residents and tourists from around the world always want to see it no matter what the season.  Of course these shots were from the middle of summer so it was blazing hot.  The next shot shows one of the entrance viewpoints.

With me acting as quick tour guide, I was not really keeping track of my exact location, but this impressive fountain is just outside one of the entrances.  I think this is around 5th avenue and 57th Street.  I might be wrong.

I also snapped this shot of another fountain that was much deeper into the park, but that seems to be all that I had done at that time.  There is so much more to see and enjoy, and there is even a zoo in there somewhere.

I do plan on getting more scenes from Central Park since it is such an amazing place to wander around in so stay tuned.

Another view of Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park

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