Now Playing: “How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” in Theaters Everywhere (2/22/2019)

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The time has come dragon fans, the Dreamworks animated feature “How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” is opening up today in theaters everywhere. We’ve supported the film over the last few months here on “The Chronicles” by showcasing the trailer reveals and the most recent one can be observed HERE in the event that you haven’t seen any of them. Before I send you off to the theaters, let’s take a look at the colorful Official Poster along with the premise and voice casting.

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The Plot: One year after defending Berk from Drago, Hiccup and Toothless continue to rescue captured dragons in order to bring them back to Berk and create a bustling dragon and human utopia. Unfortunately, their efforts have also resulted in the island becoming severely overpopulated with dragons. In a response to the overcrowding, Hiccup desires to find the “Hidden World”, a safe haven for dragons that his late father Stoick told him about. Meanwhile, a white Fury[8] dragon, held captive by warlords, is given to infamous dragon hunter Grimmel the Grisly as bait for him to capture Toothless for the warlords’ use as an alpha. (c/o Wiki).
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Sony Pictures Animation: “Angry Birds 2” Teaser Trailer (Opening 8/2019)

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As the recovery from the four day sensory overload event known as Toy Fair continues, I am pleased to learn that there will be a second “Angry Birds” movie. Though I didn’t see the first one, it looked like fun and here is the very first glimpse of this Sony Pictures feature. I’ve also secured the premise and some casting. Dig in.

Premise: The Angry Birds embark on a new adventure, while King Mudbeard, ruler of the Bad Piggies, and another villain plot revenge against them after they devastated his homeland in a battle to reclaim their eggs.
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“The Chronicles” Of Piercing Ken Is Heading To Toy Fair 2019 @ Jacob Javits Center

Hey there readers, just a quick alert about our next few days of activities as “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Lifestyle Blog will once again be heading to the American International Toy Fair that will be happening at the Javits Center over the next four days. This is our 9th year of attendance and much like the last few years, additional reports will be posted over on PiercingMetal. Be sure to stay tuned for these narratives so you can be on top of the holiday purchasing season.

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Much like our coverage of the New York Comic Con, the Toy Fair adventures will be serialized posts with many of them being direct company focuses to offer greater impact on their product lines. I might do a day by day overview with additional thoughts but that will be a battlefield decision at the moment. Those interested should bookmark THIS TAG as it will bring up anything that gets posted about the 2019 Convention. Some of the reveals have already been shared on the “Toys and Collectibles” Category so check that out as well if time permits. I also encourage that you follow our Official Social Networks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since I plan on being very active on them during the event and would love to have you along for the fun discoveries.

Stay tuned for the fun, I can’t wait to share my findings with all of you.

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Walt Disney Pictures: “Frozen II” Official Teaser Trailer

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2019 might very well amount to being “The Year Of Disney” because not only does the studio have a live action version of “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” coming to theaters everywhere, there is now a sequel to the blockbuster hit “Frozen”. The first official Teaser Trailer of “Frozen II” recently came online and I am sharing it with you readers below. Take a look.

The Storyline: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are going far in the forest to know the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom.
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Disney’s “Aladdin” – Special Look (2019)

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Yesterday the world got another quick glance at Disney’s upcoming live-action feature with this Special Look at “Aladdin” so here you go my friends. Man it feels like forever ago that we posted the teaser trailer but it really wasn’t. Enjoy, its quick I promise.

Storyline: A live-action retelling of the 1992 Disney film of the same name.
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