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Warner Brothers: “Teen Titans GO! To The Movies” Official Trailer #1

Despite things being a bit of a mess with the live-action DC Extended Universe, the folks at Warner Brothers Animation do a stand up job at delivering some really great animated features. We’ve gotten some killer stuff like “Justice League: Flashpoint”, “Batman: Gotham By Gaslight” and even the more recent “Batman Ninja” and now its time for “Teen Titans GO! To The Movies” which is uhm, err……something quite different entirely. Check out the full trailer for this film that just hit yesterday.

The Plot:
The Teen Titans learn that almost every hero in the DC Universe has their own films, ranging from Batman and Superman, to characters like Aquaman and Alfred! That said, they search for a director for their movie. But the Hollywood director Jade Wilson rejects their offer due to the fact that because of their recent actions over the past few years the Teen Titans can no longer be taken seriously. However, they find a window of opportunity for their own movie by having their own nemesis in the form of Slade, who plans to mind control the entire Justice League and take over the world.

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Voice Cast:
Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Scott Menville as Robin
Khary Payton as Cyborg
Tara Strong as Raven
Hynden Walch as Starfire
Will Arnett as Slade
Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson
Nicolas Cage as Superman
James Corden as Balloon Man
Jimmy Kimmel as Batman
Nicolas Cage’s son, Kal-El Cage voices a younger Bruce Wayne
Halsey as Wonder Woman
Lil Yachty as Green Lantern
David Kaye as the movie trailer announcer

Piercing Ken Thoughts: So I must admit that I’ve never watched this particular show despite having a soft spot for the New Teen Titans from which this animated feature is based off of. We are supposed to get a live-action series for the small screen but its not here yet and while this looks like a lot of fun, its clearly for a much younger audience than I fall into. Perhaps I will join friends and their children on some kind of outing so I can answer all the superhero questions for the parents. That happens more often than you think with my circle of friends. It does look like a hoot which is exactly the reaction I think that they are aiming for. What did you think? Is this something you would take the younger comic fans in your family too? Chime in down below as all topical notions will be approved immediately.

warner brothers pictures, movie posters, teen titans go to the movies

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teen_Titans_Go!_To_the_Movies

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