Today Is “Halloween ComicFest” Day For 2017

Today is “Halloween ComicFest” my fiends and much like the oft-discussed “Free Comic Book Day”, its the chance for fans of the medium to get their hands on several free comic books. This of course depends on your local retailer of the stuff and if they are even participating. I’d suggest making a phone call to the place where you snag your weekly titles to see if they will be doing anything for this event.

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Longtime visitors to the website know full well that we full enjoy the medium and do our best to support it with announcements like this one along with topical images. We know that among the issues being made available are a “Batman”, “Thor”, “DC Superhero Girls” issue and several more. There are not as many selections as during “FCBD” and all of this is while supplies last so I always suggest arriving as early as you can. Each retailer will have their own rules on how many a customer can take with them and remember much like “Free Comic Book Day”, the retailer is in face paying for these issues that you get to enjoy for free so do make sure to purchase some stuff from them as a little bit of thanks. My own shop has a myriad of items and yours should as well so consider grabbing an action figure for a franchise that you enjoy, a collected edition of a series of stories or even some comic bags and backing boards to protect the investment. If you secure any of the titles be sure to let us know down in the comments section below. A full run down of what will be available at the shops that made their orders can be found on the website linked below. Enjoy.

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