This Just In: Ultraviolet Is Closing In July 2019

I guess that I’ve been redeeming digital codes for the DVD’s and Blu-rays that I’ve been purchasing for a few years now and one of the means of getting these codes to a device of choice, I used the Ultraviolet service. Earlier today, this news hit my mailbox and I am sharing it with you for good measure.

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The Alert:
We are writing to inform you that the UltraViolet service is planning to shut down on July 31, 2019. You are receiving this message because you signed up for an UltraViolet Library or for a service that created an UltraViolet Library for you.

What does this mean for you?

** Between January 31 and July 31, 2019
– You can continue to access your UltraViolet movies and TV shows through the retailer(s) linked to your UltraViolet Library.
– You can also continue to purchase new movies and TV shows and redeem digital codes by following the redemption instructions. Depending on the retailer, these new purchases and redemptions may or may not be added to your UltraViolet Library.
– Linking your UltraViolet Library to additional retailers can maximize your access to your Library and help avoid potential disruption.

** After the shutdown date
– Your UltraViolet Library will automatically close and, in the majority of cases, your movies and TV shows will remain accessible at previously-linked retailers.
– You can continue to make online purchases and redeem codes, but these may only be available through that retailer, and will not be added to your UltraViolet Library.

** What should you do now?
– As soon as possible, login at and choose Retailer Services to verify the retailers linked to your UltraViolet Library. If your Library is not currently linked to a retailer or if you would like to link to additional participating retailers, select one or more retailers to link to your UltraViolet Library.
– Don’t unlink or close your UltraViolet Library, as UltraViolet and retailers will be working together to maximize your continued access to movies and TV shows.

Look for further communications from UltraViolet and your retailers over the coming months, as some retailers may disconnect from UltraViolet before July 31. Some details may be updated, so visit often for the most current information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Thank you for making UltraViolet part of how you enjoy digital entertainment. Please do not hesitate to contact customer support at [email protected] if you have additional questions.


The UltraViolet Team

*** end of transmission ***

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I have to admit that this one took me by surprise since it was the means of redeeming a lot of those UV codes that you’d find coming with the Blu-rays being purchased. When I started using the codes to access them on other devices, I used Flixster (which has now also gone away) and Google Play Movies. Some of the newer films suggested I create a Vudu account so I have that and the Movies Anywhere set up and each of them contain my entire digital release library. What you readers need to do, and on the quick, is to see what your most used device has the ability to use. If you only see Vudu, create an account there by using your email address and NOT by using Facebook to login or anything else. You don’t want to give too much control to these social networks even if it costs you an additional step. Once you have the account created, I’d get that connected with your existing UV account and synced to have all your movies in the new thing. If you’ve never set up anything and have a stack of codes that are sitting unused, well, you best start loading them into the new service you’ve set up since they do have an expiration date on them. It’s early enough to have their respective customer care assist you but if you wait too long that will expire as well. You aren’t going to get customer help for something that no longer exists. Of course if you don’t really want your stack of digital codes, you can gift them to someone else in your circle. Here at the Media Command HQ, we love Godzilla, Disney, James Bond, anything Superhero and assorted cartoons featuring all of them 🙂 Hope that this alert was helpful. See you next time.

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