The U.S. Census Enumerators Are In Motion & Counting On You

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Hey there my friends, so as you’ve probably already seen on the news and heard on the radio, the U.S. Census is doing their once in a decade count of every household in the country and I’ve signed up to be one of the Enumerators to help the process along. If you don’t actually now what the Census is for some reason, you can click on the link that is at the close of this little narrative and make sure that you and the members of your household are included. At the end of the day this helps out your own municipality so the numbers in Bay Ridge end up helping Bay Ridge in terms of support and services and finances to get what we need to do done.

I’ve just started knocking on the doors and its not being done randomly in case you wondered and instead we are using an application that was created specifically for the process. I follow a script and check the box or type in the response from the person that I am talking to. When you answer the door you’ll get one of my handy Information Sheets and I’ve taken a few snaps of one to showcase it a little better. I don’t think that I can show you how the application looks so I won’t but this is a handout and that means its something people will get anyway so take a look. The notice is in Spanish on the opposite side but I didn’t photograph that for this brief.

us census, us census 2020, us census paperwork

us census, us census 2020, us census paperwork

us census, us census 2020, us census paperwork

If you don’t end up answering the door when I knock and there is a safe place to leave you something, you will get one of these “Notice Of Visit” sheets. Each address has a code on it which I will fill in to the blanks that you see and this is based on the case from the application. Then its up to you to go to the website that is listed on there and get yourself counted. It’s a very quick and painless process that takes a few minutes out of the day. I’ve been told by the supervisor that if they don’t do it, there is a chance another member of the team will come a calling so let’s keep this a nice and easy process and do your national duty.

us census, us census 2020, us census paperwork

Now I’ve only been doing this a couple of days and we are told that the Census must end all counting efforts on 9/30 but they still need people across the country to help get the numbers in. That means you can sign up for some employment if you need it and help make a difference. I should stress that its a LOT of walking and it’s been very hot these last couple of days in my sector so if either of those things bother you then don’t bother. We got a mask and some hand cleaner from the command but outside of our badges and carry bag that say US Census, there isn’t anything else to point out the role. Yes I am aware that DiBlasio is always seen wearing a Census shirt and mask but we don’t get those for the field. Too bad, I think I’d like that. OK, now its your turn to do your part. You’ve examined the text above and saw the photos, now go to the website linked below and make sure that you are counted and check that your other family members in other households have done it. Remember, I Am The One Who Knocks……don’t disappoint me.

An Update 9/1/2020: Just an update for the readership who are following along and to let them know what the scoop is with the Census Enumerator exploring. I’ve been assigned my own area of Bay Ridge which is wonderful since I can go home for lunch and its an easy commute home. Now, as you might have surmised we are knocking on the doors based on the idea of NRFU, which means “Non Response Follow Up”. So if you have your Census physical mail get on that stuff ASAP so you are counted and honestly with 29 days more left in the count, you are best served by going to the link below and filling in the questions to the best of your ability. Even after 2 weeks I have found myself coming back to the same addresses to no success. You can see how all the areas of the nation are doing in this count by clicking HERE.

An Update 9/5/2020: As I close out my fourth week of going door to door for the U.S. Census, I put together a fun “unbagging” video for our Official YouTube Channel. You can enjoy it down below and please subscribe to said channel so we can do more things with it.

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