The Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Facade (2013)

saks fifth avenue logo

In addition to my now yearly Christmas in NYC presentations with the trees and the decorations that I see around, I stopped by the famous Sak’s Fifth Avenue Department store. They now have a whole big light display on the facade of the building on the side that overlooks Fifth Avenue. Its quite awesome and drivers might want to avoid this avenue during this time of the year to keep on moving. It’s such a pleasant offering that it is getting its own post when I manage to snare the complete show.

In case you are curious, I shot this video with the Panasonic Lumix. Yeah I am still using a real camera out there instead of solely using the mobile device. I dunno, for some things I prefer the camera to the phone. Maybe in a future year. Only time will tell. There is more to come from the 2013 Holidays so please stay tuned and thank you for spending a little time here on the Chronicles of PiercingKen, I’ve aimed to make this an interesting place for you with a wide variety of topics.

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