The Nathan’s Famous “Hot Dog Eating Contest” Champions Remain Uncontested

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The annual tradition of the hot dog eating content that is a staple of the Coney Island Nathan’s and the Fourth Of July was going to be a different experience entirely this year based on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Sure some places have re-opened to outside dining and some shopping but an event like this one draws in thousands as they watch their favorite eater consume the amazing hot dogs. Before the virus hit, I had hoped to be on the press line snapping photos since I’ve been doing so much lifestyle stuff here on “The Chronicles” but based on the world of now it was not going to be possible. This time only a handful of competitors from the men’s and women’s team assembled and were seperated by bit plexiglass dividers.

As expected it would be World Champion Joey Chestnut taking home the Mustard Belt once again with 75 hot dogs and buns consumed. On the women’s side of the fence it was another champion in Miki Sudo w 48.5 hot dogs and buns consumed. Next year I hope to be a part of the media madness around this affair and congratulations to them both once again.

As a Brooklyn resident, one of the personal highlights is being able to get to the Coney Island Original Nathan’s Famous restaurant and enjoy a couple of hot dogs and their french fries. You can also get a number of other things like fried clams, burgers, frogs legs and assorted beers but for me its always the hot dogs. These photos were snapped from the last time that I was actually at the place back in September of 2019. I was checking out a show at the nearby Ford Ampitheatre at Coney Island Boardwalk (whew that name still makes me tongue tied).

Anyway, one of the things that I long to do is head to Coney and get this stuff but I am off the mind that it will NOT be the case this year. None of the shows I was supposed to be a part of will be happening and I am not going all the way there just to get some hot dogs. What about you readers? Have you ever made the trek to this hallowed ground of foodies? Well, not the vegan ones of course. Chime in down below and I will see you next time.

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