The Exploding Omelet: A Variant Kind

Many of my friends know of my absolute appreciation for the comic book medium, and so many of those have variant to their covers when they get released so I felt that it would be a good time to do the same thing with a not too long ago posted recipe. I recently tossed together “the Exploding Omelet” as my title and here is the variant to that original theme. I also decided to share some of the preparation steps and visuals with you this time around. Let’s go. This recipe begins with two eggs, a couple of slices of hard salami and pepperoni, jalapeno peppers, a mushroom and a slice of American cheese.


Some of the best recipes begin with a little butter. I could not use the cooking spray because this is a no stick pan and that stuff seems to cause problems on such surfaces. These two pats of butter are thin by the way in case you are worried about a cholesterol count 🙂


Here’s those same ingredients all chopped up and ready to be tossed into the pan.


Now I toss in the eggs into the pan, I don’t bother to scramble them before I do this process. I suppose I should but I did like the end result of the first go round so assume the process will succeed yet again.


Next up I took the whole contents of the plate you just saw before and tossed it on top of the eggs and began mixing it all around in the pan with a wooden spoon. Sorry that I have no photos of this part of the process but it does not take all that long and is finished before you know it.


The end result on the plate. I cooked it for about three minutes which might have been a little long for the eggs but not for the other ingredients.


The final photo is just some added enhancement. I love cheese in my omelets so why not blanket the exploding omelet with a slice of American cheese. I also used some of my friend Pete Pardo’s Tomatillo sauce to top it off. He makes a mean sauce and it works well with this kind of concoction.


And that my fine friends in food is it. Hope you give this a whirl sometime soon and like how it turns out. I know I did (but perhaps a bit too many Jalapenos 🙂

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