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Sights and Scenes From “Sweet Suite” 2017: Part 1

As a creative who’s been covering the American International Toy Fair since 2011, I must admit that it’s been a blast to expand the event narratives right here on The Chronicles Of PiercingKen. I decided to do that in addition to what goes up on PiercingMetal.com but this is about another event entirely for you see back back in 2016, I was fortunate enough to meet the kind folks at The Toy Insider

sweet suite 2016, toy insider, sweet suite

It was great to add this happening to my series of toy related narratives and while last years event was on a luxury yacht, this years showcase was down in the Chelsea Piers which according to Skeleton Pete has happened there a few times before. Giving this an overlook as we walked in to set up, it felt like this would be a better way to absorb the items being showcased since it was all on one level. With the yacht, you were on three floors and there was a chance to miss something by accident. One never wants to miss anything at an event like this when it comes to toys.

sweet suite 2016, toy insider, sweet suite

sweet suite 2016, toy insider, sweet suite
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The Sweet Suite 2017 Looks Promising

Last summer, I attended my very first “Sweet Suite” event which is an interesting gathering of companies, Internet influencers and the media. I posted several narratives with lots of images that can be reviewed via THIS LINK. The poster above was a part of a reminder email that I received the day before yesterday to make sure that I had it on my calendar and knew all the specs and what was to be expected in terms of finds this year. My plan for this years event is to come back with even more pictures to generate even more posts for your viewing pleasure. With the holidays coming steadily for us, it will be great ammunition if you like shopping early. I’ll close up now with a reminder to keep an eye on our Official Instagram as well for any of the side moments that are snapped and shared immediately to that social network. All of the coverage for the 2017 Sweet Suite will be posted on “The Chronicles”. Thank you for your kind attention.

Official Websites:
Toy Insider: http://www.toyinsider.com