Presenting The 2020 Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Light Show “This Is How We Celebrate”

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This past Thursday, I embarked on what amounted to being the Phase 2 aspect of my now annual “Christmas Tree Visuals” adventures in my NYC Metropolis. Years ago all of the images would fall to several posts but over the last few I’ve stockpiled them all to socials first and then compile for a larger narrative for “The Chronicles”. This year, the Saks Fifth Avenue light show was called “This Is How We Celebrate” and I’m happy to share this visual with our world of readers to enjoy from the safety of their own homes. This is especially important with a deadly virus out there doing its thing. Please relax and enjoy this short clip.

Production Notes: The night was a comfortable one and not too cold and with the pandemic keeping tremendous crowds away it was a little easier to navigate the streets. As you can see I recorded this from an opposite corner and this would be the very first time using my Canon Powershot for such an event. My handy Samsung point and shoot had finally stopped functioning but it sure did serve me well for many a year of conventions and this kind of stuff. So not only was this the first time using that Canon device, but this will make for the second video for our still brand-spanking new YouTube Channel. For many years, “The Chronicles” found its video content posting to my personal channel but now we are using one of our own. We ask that you kindly subscribe and click the notification bell on the channel itself by clicking HERE. The more subs we can get the more options open up for the outlet and while I have you, don’t forget to visit our Official Instagram as well because a wealth of holiday photos and videos have been loaded up there for your viewing pleasure.

While its still a little early, we wish you all a very “Merry Christmas” and a good season overall. Stay healthy, keep to the rules of your region and wear a mask when required and practice the distancing if in a large group. I look forward to healthier times for us all.

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