PiercingKen Goes To Toy Fair 2016

Logo - Toy Fair - 2016

For the past six years, my PiercingMetal.com outlet has been attending The American International Toy Fair as a representative of the media and for those new to the presentations, let me explain that this massive, industry only convention is one that showcases the latest and greatest toy and gaming offerings from the worlds most amazing companies.  In the past I’ve mentioned in these little signposts that the coverage done was usually focused on the super-hero, monster and science fiction properties since that is what our Metal demographic seems to enjoy the most.  Last year, I tried something different and tested the waters by adding some posts from the 2015 Convention on this site because the items in the photos didn’t fall under my main websites overall niche.  With so many of our PiercingKen.com readers being family people it made a lot of sense and going forward I hope to continue to offer up a number of visuals from Toy Fair right here.  Stay tuned and thanks as always for your kind attention.

PiercingMetal’s coverage of the American International Toy Fair 2016 can be viewed HERE.

Official Website: http://www.toyfairny.com/

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