Organizers Cancel The NYC Hot Sauce Expo For 2020 Due To Pandemic Restrictions

Not that this kind of news is of any surprise to anyone at this point but for those who were anxiously awaiting some kind of positive news, let me wipe that notion from your head as the annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo has been just officially cancelled by the organizers. Their statement follows the poster of the originally rescheduled event. Read on.

nyc hot sauce expo

The Statement:
We wanted to reach out to everyone and let you know that we have to postpone the 8th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo to April 2021. We wanted to consider all avenues & possibilities before reaching our decision to postpone this year’s Expo. Safety was and is priority number one. We apologize for any inconvenience. All tickets that have been purchased will be honored for our new dates on April 17 & 18 2021. If you cannot make these new dates & would like a full refund please let us know & a full refund will be honored. 100%.

We are truly heartbroken it has come to this. We want to thank you for your patience, support and loyalty towards High River Sauces and the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. We hope you are all staying healthy, strong and safe during this time. We are blessed to have such an amazing Hot Sauce/Chile Pepper Family & together we will all get through this insanity.

We hope to see you all in April 2021.

*** end of transmission ***

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I’ve been attending this expo since the beginning and am not only a big hot sauce fan, but I’ve been documenting the fun that is to be found on it right here on “The Chronicles”. Based on the world around us and the way that this virus is going found me expecting this news for awhile and I’m said to say that I am even expecting more cancellations to follow. It all just adds up to the massive sucking hole that 2020 has become. Stay safe out there my friends, and please by any means possible, follow the directives of your region so this thing can GTFO of here already. See you again soon in the cyberverse since in person seems really improbable of late. I should close by suggesting that if you know if some of your favorite vendors of these amazing elixirs are keeping fans sated by shipping it to them then by all means get your stockpile going. I’ve actually been going through my stash from the last couple of shows since I bought too many at the last few go rounds. Some links for that are down below.

Official Website:
High River Sauces:
Heartbreaking Dawns:
Yellow Bird:

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