Meet “Truculentus Flora” The Plant…..

Do you remember the movie, then Off-Broadway play and eventual movie once again called “The Little Shop Of Horrors”? You don’t!!!!! Crap. Well, okay to sum it up it’s a love story about an alien plant with a ravenous craving for blood and its hapless owner/minion to its insidious plans. There you go. Done. Look it up if you need some additional information, it was a fun film and it’s a musical by the way (well, at least the latter two instances of it were). I admit that I never saw the original film by Roger Corman. So with that being said while on some wanderings with our fellow blogger buddy The Beehivehairdresser, I chanced upon a very strange looking plant and one that totally seemed aimed at us all with sinister intent. Take a look and tell me if you disagree.

I got a little closer thanks to the luxuryof a zoom lens. This bit of foliage looked far too precarious for me to lean over. I feared an innate clumsiness would take over and you would all be reading about me in a fashion that speaks of me in the past tense. Never a good thing.

The plant had several of the green buds and also many like the one you see below. This one appeared to be the more mature of the buds and very obviously a much more prickly situation. That is a joke my friends, insert snare drum here.

This last one fascinated me the most. It seemed to be the final stage of whatever this plants process was and really reminded me of “Alien”. As the Hive and I discussed said plant some passerby decided to “kind of” listen to us, so I mused aloud at how interesting it would be “if the plant shot out some kind of alien spore at passerby (but not us) and took over their bodies like some evil infiltrating force”. When I turned to them I smiled and said “oh no offense” to some very blank stares. I couldn’t resist but you must be on board with me here that this plant really was not a usual thing one sees on a city street.

Since I don’t really have a green thumb, I would ask that if any of you readers do and might actually know what this particular plant is that you leave us a comment below so the whole readership knows. Perhaps I will even append the item and give you a shout out for good measure. Oh and by the way, if you thought I was being crazy about envisioning this as a potentially giant monster plant from space, take a look at “Audrey 2” from “Little Shop”. Who’s laughing now?

PS: Oh yeah, and by the way “truculentus” is Latin for “ferocious” and “flora” well…..”plant” and I felt this worked well for my posting.

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