I Think I Found The Batcycle In Bay Ridge……

I know that the title just had to get your attention and find you shaking your head saying “what in the world is he going on about this time”. Well, I am serious my friends, I truly think that I have discovered a clandestinely placed Batcycle. Let me explain. So the powerful Hurricane Sandy was on its way to our fair metropolis and I received a call from my friend The Beehive Hairdresser. It seemed as though he was up for a wander around the realm to see if anything struck his writing fancy before the storm hit us and since I am always game for this kind of adventure I joined along without argument. We wandered about a bit and chanced upon this next visual. Yes, a motorcyle and its sidecar. Now since one does not often see this kind of thing during the normal course of the day in 2012 I was convinced – It was the Batcycle.

Now you will of course think me crazy by saying this, and I completely understand since there are no clear “bat markings” or gadgets around it. It looks like a very normal motorcyle and sidecar but lets be honest here. If you were Batman and wanted to hide this thing, where would you do it if the Batcave was no where near you. Well you hide it in plain sight of course. Done and done.

I’m not going to say exactly where this was found but it was in the relative vicinity of the fortified headquarters of the PiercingMetal Command HQ so don’t be surprised if you live around here should you see a certain Caped Crusader zipping by on matters of justice.

That’s all I have for now my friends. Keep rocking.

One thought on “I Think I Found The Batcycle In Bay Ridge……”

  1. COOL FIND, KEN! This is called a Ural, built in the former Soviet Union. this model is almost an exact copy of a German Zundapp/ BMW liaison bike from WWII. with very few modifications and a repaint, you could add a rifle scabbard and mount a 7.7mm machine gun to the sidecar and have a dandy re-enactment vehicle! the really cool thing is in India they build exact copies of Royal Enfield WWII sidehack bikes, so you can play real life
    GI Joe’s and have authentic equipment!

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