I Admit To Being Vanilla Sometimes :)

Oh and I am speaking of just a preferred flavor of choice and nothing quite as drastic as some of you might be thinking. Anyways, so the reason I am exclaiming this to you is based on a recent shopping adventure where I saw what lies in the photo below. I had never heard of Vanilla Syrup before but I guess it had to exist since I used to get Vanilla soda back when I was a young boy on shopping adventures with my Grandmother. There was one candy store who used to make soda as well and this was one of their concoctions. That and egg creams. Mmmmmm egg creams.

This stuff really upgrades a cold glass of milk if you are seeking something different than the chocolate syrup family. Of course I love those as well as my sometimes expanding waistline tells me. I have yet to sample this delicious stuff in any other offering but feel it might work well over some of the coffee as it brews or perhaps even on ice cream. The trick of using this stuff is to pour carefully as its much thinner in consistency than chocolate syrup and clear so you can easily overload your spoon. Either way, I am glad that I picked this up. I love it.

That’s all I got for you now. Please continue along with your business.

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