Holy Hot Zone Batman!!! The City Is Cooking Out There!!!

With NYC getting its heat on and cooking both tourists and residents alike, I was compelled to share this photo with the readers of the PiercingKen blogsite.  I happened upon this sight last week actually and am very glad to see this kind of thing being offered to the public especially on days such as this.  If you cannot tell what it is, it is pretty much just a long sink with several drinking fountains on the top of it.  It is connected to a fire hydrant and offers the passerby a drink of ice cold NYC water.  We do have the best of that stuff by far so do partake if you see one of these.  On days like this you will surely need to indulge.  At the moment of this writing NYC was dealing with a 100 degrees temperature and the humidity made it a lot worse.  It was one of those two or three shower days for sure.

Here’s a slightly different view of the communal sink basin.  It reminded me a lot of the things I used to use in grammar school days.

"Drink Up - It's Free"

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