Happy Valentines Day 2014 Dear Readers <3

Hey there friends it’s everyone’s favorite Hallmark Holiday once again and I just wanted to take a moment of your time to share some themed visuals for this particular day. Since I was not rushing to make extravagant dinner plans or worry about the roses arriving on time for that special someone, I had a little extra time on my hands to play with. First up is this rather silly little “Heart Man” that I have had for years. It was one of the things that my Grandmother had given me to hang up in my old apartment and I just love it so had to share him with you all. Pardon that he is right now sprucing up my intercom.


These next few were from neighborhood shops who were getting into the spirit of things and you cannot blame them. They really tend to make a killing on those diners who head out on this particular day.




Let them eat cake, or at least Entenmann’s “Pop Ems” and Heart shaped cookies. This year I opted to share baked visuals as opposed to boxes of candy but no I did not purchase any of this stuff. I am trying to get my carbs under control again 🙂



Last up a glimpse of Cupid. He has his arrow set on someone for sure, and perhaps its you. Perhaps not.


That’s all for this year’s edition of this Valentine’s Day posting. I wish you a really great day with the ones that you love the most. Try to spread that stuff around in terms of the positive energy since that comes back multiplied they say. Closing up I did want to let all of my Secret Admirers that I will be in and out of the Creative Command HQ today so please feel free to just leave presents on the table in the lobby 🙂

PS: I love all you cats who read this site and find it of interest. Each and every single one of you. That’s year round as well. Not just on Valentine’s Day <3

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