Happy Super Bowl Day 2014

From the Bud Lite Quarterback and your humble scribe at the PiercingKen Blog Center.


I’ll admit that this years event is pretty damn cool based on it being in our neck of the woods in nearby East Rutherford NJ at the Met Life Stadium. Since I am not the proper sports historian, I cannot say that I totally know whether this has ever been done here before or not. Granted I didn’t think so since its often so brutally cold around this time of year on the East Coast. The Big Game will pit the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks and I have to admit that I never followed either team before and wish the best one with the best game skills today the maximum amount of luck.

I’m posting this early for those still seeking out the proper Super Bowl Party event and suggest that they hit one of their favorite watering holes if they feel like doing a little drinking (but please my friends do so responsibly) or maybe convene with friends who are doing some kind of gathering even if its the last minute. There are plenty of awesome pizza places to enjoy or Chinese Take Out spots so give them some business which I know will be appreciated. As far as my own plans, I will be sticking to the creative base command today because there are two killer shows to attend starting tomorrow and its only the beginning of an absolutely insane media week for my time. I look forward to it and of course you will be able to enjoy what I got up to on this or the main website soon enough.

Now let’s toss that coin!!!!!

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Bowl_XLVIII

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