Happy Halloween 2012 Everyone!!!

Okay so now that Hurricane Sandy has left our region, it’s time for us to try and get back to as much of a bit of normal as possible. I do hope everyone that reads my blogs is okay along with their loved ones. With that being said, I am starting off this fun post by saying “Yay it’s here again” and that means Halloween, one of my very favorite times of the year since the costumes are out along with the super spooky decorations. With that being the case I once again wanted to showcase some of the creeptastic coolness that I have seen while adventuring around our city. Enjoy and please feel free to eat a piece of candy while you peruse these visuals. Let’s start off by wishing the world a very Happy Halloween shall we.

These four frightening folks were right above a sign for a political candidate. Talk about the horror…….I am still shaking from that one 🙂

As you can see, it’s never to late to “Scream” (sorry I couldn’t resist. I do that sometimes).

I’m not sure what these people are feeding that cat, but wow is it doing the trick on making it big and healthy.

I realize this is not necessarily Halloween related, but when I pass by this massive house in Bay Ridge, I always picture it in a more foreboding setting. Use your imagination and darken those skies and add a little lightning in. Did you do that? Can you see it too? Good let’s continue along.

Another not really Halloweenie photo but just the term “Dead End” fills you with an ominous chill doesn’t it……If it doesn’t I worry about you just a little bit.

One of the venues that I go to a lot as a music journalist is The Best Buy Theater and they had some awesome and creeptacular decorations hanging around the place when I went there just this past Saturday. I will keep quiet for a few and let you absorb all their horrific majesty.

As you can see the bats are not all in the belfry and instead are flying about even in the daytime.

This creepy vampire bat thing was actually laying on the ground.  One of the holiday decoration casualties of the storm that had just done a number on the region.  I was surprised he was in one piece.

A simple but effective black cat and the evening moon decoration as seen in the daylight.  It made me think of my own two black cats so I snapped it.

Now to be fair, this canine needed to be showcased for his awesome sweater.  His name was Toby and when I asked his owner was this for Halloween she replied, no this is his normal wear.  That was cool.

“Welcome to Collinwood”. Okay so this is NOT the famous house from “Dark Shadows” but this always was a place that I wanted to see the inside of when I was growing up. It’s been worked on but for many years this truly looked like a Haunted Mansion of some kind. Had I achieved music stardom I would have bought it and turned it into a Metal Monster Manor but sadly fate had other plans. Either way this sight is still super cool and I just had to share it with you all.

I’m sorry I could not do better on these but they were inside a window and I could not get the shot without some glare.

The same display had these creepy faux paintings that were lenticular and would change in appearance depending on your angle.  There were three in the window and this was the second best.  I could not snare the third one properly which was horrifying.  Maybe next year.

That’s all I have for you this year. Have a fun and very spooky Halloween (but please be safe also okay?)….

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