Goodbye To 2011: You Were A 50/50 Year

Is it just me or was that a very fast year? I know I cannot be wrong in this because a lot of people felt as if they blinked and shazam, here we are a the end of another one. One of my friends said that this is the sign of getting old – the whole time moving quickly. These are people I don’t need to hear from LOL. Anyways, so this was clearly a year of good and bad. In some cases good and absolutely terrible which is unfortunate. We found births and deaths and the whole circle of life going on from the beginning of 2011 until its close. Of course I am not here to get all preachy but I will say let’s continue to strive to celebrate the moments that we have together since we can.

I am here to share some images that reflect the whole New Year’s Eve spirit in some sense and you readers might be surprised to learn that I shot these few photos back in March of 2011. I was on my way to a show (a usual occurrence to me) and as I glanced up at one of the buildings in Times Square I realized it was the one with the famous ball drop.

My guess is that they were dismantling the ball or testing it for issues even though the New Year was already three months deep. It was interesting to see being the case so out came the trusty snappy camera and some shots were snared.

As a card carrying New Yorker, I sometimes find the visitors to the city surprised about my lack of interest in being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. and I’ve not gone once. It looks like fun, but I am in enough crowds at popular shows and the idea of several hundred thousand people right on top of me is just not appealing.

I don’t begrudge those who love it, as I know several people who will cancel everything in order to be there, but its not my deal. I realize I don’t sound like much fun by saying this but trust me I still am more often than I am not. It was cool to see “the ball” being giving the once over. It was a very quick occurrence as well, so I was lucky to get the few clear images that I did.

I would venture to guess that I was down around Grand Central Station when I shot these and that just shows how good some of the zoom lenses are on these point and shoot cameras. Barring this next shot of course as it flashed bright and I could not get the focus to be right on target. Oh well.

These next two managed to do the trick. Loved the bluish light on the ball and felt that at least by seeing this live in an approximate region to the larger festivities when they would normally take place that I was good to go. Now there is no need to really be there unless I want to take shots of millions of pieces of confetti after standing in place for 14 hours.

If you are one of those folks who heads up there I hope you have fun and I shall speak to you afterwards. Try not to mass text people because apparently their replies are also en masse to the recipients. Let those who impact your life in a positive fashion receive a text all their own. It takes only a moment to do.

That being said…..Goodbye 2011, and welcome Mr. 2012. Happy New Year Everybody. I hope that it’s an amazing one with more good memories and positivity than anything otherwise. Be the best person you can to each other while you can do so. Live life outside of Facebook and Twitter but be sure to come visit us from time to time on this little blog because we love having you drop by. I thank you all for the attention you have given my music and regular life adventuring.

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