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Better Noise Films Presents: “Sno Babies” Official Trailer #2

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Hello there my friends, I am back once more to discuss the brand-new Better Noise Films feature “Sno Babies” which is a film that deals with the topic of addiction. My post with the first trailer can be observed HERE if you are one that craves consistency and then you can watch the new one below and be reminded of the premise, casting and see the movies poster as well. Get er done…

The Storyline: SNO BABIES depicts the grim realities of addiction and its effects on families. Kristen and Hannah are likeable, college-bound teens – and heroin addicts – hiding their plight behind the façade of middle-class suburbia.

The Cast:
Katie Kelly as Kristen
Paola Andino as Hannah
Michael Lombardi as Matt
Shannan Wilson as Clare McKusker
Niko Terho as Jeff
Myles Clohessy as Mike
Ken Arnold as Bill McKusker
Dominic Costa as Crossover
Molly Logan Chase as Mary
Abbey Hafer as Maddie McKusker
Meryl Jones Williams as Valerie
Jane Stiles as Anna
Evangeline Young as Emily
Greg Nutcher as Officer Burns
Gemma McIlhenny as Officer Clarkson

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: I’ve not much to add here that I haven’t already said in my first trailer post editorial closing so I will leave the additional thoughts to your side of the fence. I polled the readership and said does this kind of film interest you based on the subject matter or not? It’s heavy stuff for sure and definitely not what I would go to see or likely watch at this phase of my life. I grew up on the “Afterschool Special” that lined out how dangerous things like this were and there are scores of Lifetime movies about such topics so I see this going over well on that once its airing on conventional television. It’s good that they are addressing this for sure and there is reports of money being donated to worthy causes from what it brings in so that makes me happy. That’s all I have and as I close up I do hope that you are being mindful and staying safe out there in the chaos that has enveloped our every move. See you next time.

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