Advance “Yays” For The Pending Bowery Diner

I was coming home from a relatively fun afternoon with the singer of the band Naked who hail from Finland and once “Muff” had and I had parted company to continue along in our own adventures I happened past this big board of a wall sign.  It was proudly announcing the “Coming Soon” of the Bowery Diner.  Obviously it’s going to be a conventional diner but I like the idea of having someplace new to eat before or after shows at places like The Bowery Ballroom and its nearby Bowery Electric or Poetry Club.

Coming Soon: Food!!!!!!

This is the best shot of the sign that I could get based on my distance from it and need to get back to PiercingMetal HQ, but it did manage to excite me just a little.  I love new places and while this furthers the upgrading of the Bowery region, it has indeed changed a lot since the closure of the legendary C.B.G.B.’s so why not just embrace some of the more interesting things that the area offers up at this time.  All I know is that they better make a damn good burger as I will be Yelping about them for sure if they don’t.

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