A End To The Stream As Flixster Video Closes Down :(

It seems that I am a couple of days behind in this news, but apparently Flixster Video has ceased its operations and will no longer allow for the redeeming of Ultraviolet Codes or the streaming of videos that have been purchased via its apps. Their official word on the happening are below the logo.

“Flixster Video will no longer support code redemption or streaming and downloading of content. Redeem codes and access your Flixster video collection after that date by signing up or logging into Vudu, another UltraViolet retail service (www.vudu.com) or access your collection from other UltraViolet services like FandangoNow.”

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I don’t know how I missed the news that the company was purchased along with Rotten Tomatoes back in 2016 by Fandango but I guess that is a good thing going forward. I didn’t “love” the Flixster Video app that I had on my phone since I could not enjoy my digital films on any other device outside of the mobile. It wasn’t on my Kindle Fire, it wasn’t on my PS3 and since I didn’t have a Smart TV to check about my access to that which I “owned” was limited. I had created an account on Vudu sometime ago and guess I will now be using it more since I am understanding that all of my films from Flixster will be there. They better be since there were about “30” of them at this point. According to some of the stuff on their website, they said that a lot of things which were available will remain in place but for me since I only wanted it for my films, I will not be keeping the apps on my mobile device. Its much more important to have additional space for other apps that might help my day be easier. Speaking of additional apps, I’ve been enjoying using the Google Play Movies app since that is available on my mobile, and my PS3 via YouTube (since Google owns them) and that let’s me watch those films on the television. One thing I didn’t like at all was the myriad of apps necessary to enjoy ones digital purchases. I know that companies want to generate attention to their own stuff but it was annoying to need three different apps for one single purpose.

What do you folks think? Will you be using the Vudu app now for your films or work within whatever Fandango offers. Let me know in the comments section below. Going forward I think I am fine with Vudu. I will probably peruse Fandango a little more since it has subsumed two things I used on and off but I don’t see another app going on the phone. Goodbye Flixster, you did a decent job at this and I will miss your interface.

Official Website: https://www.flixster.com/

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