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20th Century Studios: “The Call Of The Wild” Official Trailer

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In the coming months, 20th Century Studios will release a live-action take on the classic book by Jack London. The original tale was released to the world in 1903 and for many students for many, many years was required reading. As I’ve been out of school for a very long time, I wonder if that kind of thing is still a thing. “Required reading” sounds like such an ancient concept in this day of digital device subservience. That said, the Official Trailer for the film was recently released and has been presented for you down below. I’ve even included the premise, casting and a promotional posters but you diehard readers are used to that sort of thing by now so let’s take a look.

The Premise:
A domesticated St. Bernard/Scotch Collie dog named Buck is stolen from his Santa Clara, California home and sold to freight haulers in Yukon. Crossing paths with a man named John Thornton, the two embark on an adventure where Buck finds his true place in the world.

The Cast:
Harrison Ford as John Thornton
Dan Stevens as Hal
Omar Sy as Perrault
Karen Gillan as Mercedes
Bradley Whitford as Judge Miller
Colin Woodell as Charles
Cara Gee as Françoise
Scott MacDonald as Dawson

Actor and stunt coordinator Terry Notary stood-in for the CGI creation of Buck, whose model was scanned after an adopted dog.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: While this sure looks like an adventurous and heart-warming story, its not the kind of film that I end up seeing in the theaters and instead will watch when it hits one of my streaming or subscription cable services. What did you readers think about this and will you be considering seeing this when it opens at a theater near you next year? Chime in down below. See you next time.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Call_of_the_Wild_(2020_film)

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