The Chronicles Are Heading To Toy Fair 2020

Good morning my dedicated readers, I am here nice and early to announce that for the next four days, the PiercingMetal Media Command HQ will be a mobile unit and exploring the always amazing Toy Fair which will be taking place at the Javits Center from Saturday to Tuesday.

toy fair 2019

This years event will mark my 10th annual visit to the trade show as a part of the press and comes in advance of this websites own 10th anniversary so I feel there is much cause for celebration. The Toy Fair coverage used to be solely done on PiercingMetal but once “The Chronicles” started getting a lot of attention, I expanded some of the adventures here. I’ve scheduled quite a few appointments and am looking forward to seeing what the folks at Crayola, Tokidoki, Playmobil, Schleich, Safari Limited and so many more have in store for us. You’re going to want to tune into our Official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see all of the awesome as fast as we do.

toy fair, toy fair 2019

As usual with this annual alert, the means to comment on the post has been turned “off” and instead we encourage you to leave your topical notions on the individual posts when they go live. They’ll be going online as soon as we can attend to them. Let us play……

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