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Happy Thanksgiving 2012 Readers :)

I just wanted to take a moment and wish our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving for 2012. This holiday comes with some tremendous burden after the recent super storm that our immediate region took on and while we were fine, there are many that we knew who lost possessions, dwellings and their means of transportation. It is a circumstance like that one which makes you truly appreciate the comforts of family gatherings all the more. This Thanksgiving I headed over to the parents place and it would only be us this year which is kind of nice every now often. Now with you readers knowing how I play in both Yelp! and Foodspotting, I could not resist taking some food photos and sharing them in this blog posting. I opted for here instead of Facebook. For me this is more fun.

Here’s a shot of the bird fresh out of the oven. I do love turkey but think that there is never a day that I love it more than on Thanksgiving. It seems to taste so much better to me on this particular day.

The rest of our spread was mashed potatoes (both sweet and regular) along with stuffing, brussell sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, and gravy. It was more than enough and since it was only we three, I would be guaranteed some leftovers for the PiercingMetal Command HQ. I am very adverse to that. For dessert we enjoyed some cake, apple cider, a coconut custard pie and some miniature eclairs. Looks like I will need to do some serious walking tomorrow to work that off.

Part of me gets sentimental around this time of the year when I think of those who have left us and how the way things were done for such a holiday don’t get done that much but I am very thankful to have had those individuals in my life for the time that I did. I think back fondly at times at my Grandmother’s house where there was more food than one could imagine and a massive table of people and always other relatives passing by for a hello and a quick drink. Of course I was not drinking at the time. Really, I do mean that…..but I digress.

Today I am thankful for all those who have mattered in my life and whose very being enriched my own. Be sure to love one another while you can. That’s all I got for now. Happy Thanksgiving once again.

Happy Thanksgiving 2011 Everyone!!!

Hey it’s Thanksgiving once again isn’t it? Well so it is and in that I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving. This is a very big and very family oriented holiday here in the USA and while I realize that we have a lot of global readers on the blog, I ask that you folks indulge me for a second here. This year has been a tricky one for a lot of people and with that in mind its best to remember the good things and good people in one’s day and be thankful for them. Do you have some decent health, a handful of trustworthy people around you and interesting ways to spend your time? If so you have a serious bounty to be thankful for. Could you use a little more money? Well, who couldn’t and as the economy has show us that kind of thing comes and goes more often than we’d like. Perhaps you’ve experienced some kind of loss this year and while that saddens me too, its best to remember the good times and be thankful for the time you had spent with that person. Remember we all leave eventually and some just sooner than we would like. We’ve not a set amount of time on this plane that’s for sure. Try to make the best of what we do have and make your life one that positively impacts the life of someone else. You can do this with kind words, gestures and even support. Positive energy is strong medicine in an uncertain world.

Oh so I snapped some images of Thanksgiving related stuff that I happened upon and wanted to share it with you all before you get a move on into your day. Check out these couple of turkeys (horrible I know, but this is what you get from me).

I like the comfortable look on this little Pumpkin Man. He doesn’t seem to have a care in the world and all is solid with him. A nice place to be every once in awhile don’t you think?

Next we see one of the protester’s from “Occupy Thanksgiving” whose position is more of an Anti-Pumpkin one. Sadly I don’t think he has a leg or drumstick to stand on (queue snare drum).

A festive napkin for sure but not the kind of plate I like to see on Thanksgiving. Empty that is. My hope is that everyone gets their fill today.

Here is a slightly different take on a stuffed turkey. My grandmother actually made this many years ago and since I’ve always loved it, I decided to share a visual with you all.

Next up, the only way that I like to be given the bird.  Let the feasting begin…..

I’ll close out by saying thank you to all those who have made my day a little bit better. Thanks to the parents for the constant support and thanks to my friends for being around for fun times and adventuring.  Thank you Heavy Metal music as you drive my passions.  Thanks also to anyone who reads and enjoys the websites that I have brought out to you, I really appreciate that stuff and promise to do more.

Take care of yourselves and treat each other good a little more than you might usually.