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Scenes From “Blogger Bash” 2016; Chapter 1

For the past few days I’ve been sharing my findings from an event known as “Sweet Suite” which is organized by the Toy Insider folks and part of a larger conference called “Blogger Bash”. If you are just now discovering this website, I’d love for you to see the “Sweet Suite” posts and you can do that by clicking on THIS LINK. When invited to the Blogger Bash part of the conference I gladly said “sure” but what exactly was this all about? I’ve pasted the overall goal down below for you to educate yourself.

“Blogger Bash is a conference designed for experienced digital influencers. Whether your influence is on your personal blog, YouTube channel, or social channels, we want to help grow your impact. If you’re looking to meet with some of the biggest brands as well as discover unique new products, join us! Blogger Bash will also feature some light learning experiences, and it’s a great place to grow your network. At Blogger Bash, you’ll make new connections, expand your community, and strengthen your voice.”

blogger bash 2016

As you might have expected, this conference would also be on the Cornucopia Majesty yacht that we were all on yesterday. All of the toy representatives had left and in their place would be a slew of other interesting companies. I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of pics of this beautiful boat.

blogger bash 2016

My badge from “Sweet Suite” was going to work out for this event as well so there was no time wasted at the check in area.  It was just get back on the boat and start exploring.

blogger bash 2016
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