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Presenting My Swarm 2017 “Year In Review”

As 2017 steamrolls faster and faster towards its close, I was alerted to the news that my “Year In Review” for 2017 was available on Swarm. This is the application that I use for Check In’s at the vast and varied locations that I go to during the course of the given day. Since I love sharing this kind of stuff on The Chronicles let’s see what they tallied up for me based on my use of the app.

swarm, year in review, foursquare

Hmm. “518” check-ins is a lot lower than my 2016 tally of “622” but in my defense, I didn’t always remember to open the app and there were some places that I couldn’t make it work no matter how hard I tried. Those efforts were the most annoying and helped make my statistics lower. Bah.

swarm, year in review, foursquare
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Sharing My Swarm 2016 Year In Review

It’s without question that I consider myself a very active Social Networker and while I have the expected Facebook profile, I am using things like Yelp, Foodspotting, Foursquare and Swarm much more when it comes to my visits to clubs, restaurants and bars. Each of these networks offers me the ability to share over to Facebook but to be brutally honest I don’t always feel like doing that. Swarm is connected to Foursquare and is the “check in” app that they created. Essentially you arrive at a place and find it on Swarm and log it in. Each check in earns you phony coins and shows you a “leader board” against those in your friends list. I get a kick out of it and recently was sent an email denoting my 2016 highlights. I downloaded the images and figured I would speak about some of them in a site post. Here we go.

swarm, year in review 2016, swarm review 2016

Swarm calculated that I checked in some “622” times but the actual number is much higher since I didn’t always remember to do it. It happens.

swarm, year in review 2016, swarm review 2016

I’m almost embarrassed by it disclosing that I like going to bars. It’s true that they are often the pre-concert pit stop to meet friends and to eat but in my defense I didn’t always have a drink of alcohol. I’m a lightweight and last year I did quick a few months without anything of the sort in my system, but that is a topic for another post – maybe 🙂

swarm, year in review 2016, swarm review 2016
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Social Network Stuff: Foursquare and Swarm

So how many of you kind readers are using Foursquare on your Smart Phone? I’ve been a fan of this little application for a few years now and for those new to the idea, it very simply lets you “check in” to the spot you are at and potentially connect with friends who are doing the same thing at said spot or nearby.

Logo - Foursquare Swarm

For me this has been fun at the shows especially and what I liked about it was the ability to let it go to Facebook or Twitter at my own choice as opposed to checking in on Facebook and having the whole world of my “Friends” see my activity when I might not really want that to be the case. I’ve chosen to not really govern my time by Facebook’s rules so I enjoy the side things that let me skate the periphery of using it whenever possible. Anyway, so not long ago when I launched Foursquare to check in at Duke’s (a place I go to quite a bit depending on the shows), I was instructed to download something called “Swarm” which was going to be how we checked in from now on. I did it.

Once logged into Foursquare and aiming to check in it would launch Swarm and bring up the screen to let people know where you are and what you were up to. The screen looked alright to me as it had the means to snap a photograph and then share it over to Facebook or Twitter but the downside was it continually crashes on me. Let’s add to the fact that now you need two applications on your device to do part of one thing and part of the other thing and that makes no sense. These days, application space is more demanding and if I don’t need it on my devices then I don’t want it. I surely don’t want something as slow and unpredictable as this Swarm has been.

What do you readers think? Have you been using it at all? I am hating it.