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“Nude” (Single) by Lena Hall

Artist: “Nude” (Single)
Title: Lena Hall
Label: Ghostlight Records
Release Date: 6/1/2018
Genre: Rock

I’ve been keeping as good a pace with singer Lena Hall as she continues to deliver EP’s under her “Obsessed” series and if you haven’t seen our thoughts on what’s come before you can just click HERE to be brought up to speed. “Nude” is the first single of Hall’s latest “Obsession” which focuses on the band Radiohead and while I plan on doing a longer overview when its released, felt it would be fun to do some Single Reviews here on “The Chronicles” as well. As a music fan I was only listening to Radiohead up until the “OK Computer” album so by the time they released “In Rainbows” where this song comes from, I was long gone. According to my research, it was the bands second single from this release and a very big hit.
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