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Checking Out The Nanodots “Gyro” by Nano Magnetics

I’ve been hitting the American International Toy Fair with my PiercingMetal.com website for a few years now and if this is something that you weren’t aware of you can click on THIS LINK to open up numerous posts about the event on that website. Historically speaking, I’ve only ever used The Chronicles to mention that we were attending but with this years event the time for change has come and additional coverage will be posted here. I’m not sure yet at this point but will decide once I am exploring the halls of Javits in February where I will again be attending as a member of the press. Recently I received an item in the mail from the fine folks at Nano Magnetics, the makers of these cool little construction dots that are magnetized. I met them at one of the Toy Fair conventions a few years ago and we kept in touch. I felt that featuring this item in a post made the most sense so behold “GYRO”. They come in this cool box which is about 5″ by 5″ in case you wondered.

Opening it up you see that four parts make up the set along with a stand for your desk in case you want to display them to the people who are visiting you. The two clear objects appear to have all the techno-stuff to them and they bear the most weight. The two colored spheres are lighter and I imagine contain less parts on the inside.

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