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Exploring The Book Expo 2018: Part One

book expo logo

It was once again time for the annual Book Expo at the Javits Center and as tenured readers of “The Chronicles” know, we have been attending this particular convention since around 2011. I’ve only missed it twice since then with one of the times happening when it relocated to Chicago for some reason. This adventure was going to be the first in a series of events since not only will the Book Expo lead us into The Book Con, but the Five Points Festival will be happening in a few days and we are attending that as well. The Book Con stuff will be here while the Five Points Festival coverage will fall to PiercingMetal.com so do please check both of those out as they go live.

book expo, book expo 2018, photos from book expo 2018

For those of you who have never attended or know much about the Book Expo, this particular event is aimed at the industry and select press only.  That means the publishers, vendors, librarians and marketers for this industry along with select press.

book expo, book expo 2018, photos from book expo 2018
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Image Comics Reveals Events/Signings For Book Expo/Book Con 2018

Both PiercingMetal.com and “The Chronicles” have been attending the Book Expo and Book Con for a couple of years now and an overview of last years adventure can be found on THIS LINK. The two conventions begin tomorrow (5/30) and one of the publishers in attendance are the fine folks from Image Comics. Earlier this morning, we received a press release with some of the exclusive events and signings that will be taking place over the course of the next five days. Check it out by clicking the logo below as this has been already posted on the PiercingMetal.com website.

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Sorry to send you over to the other site instead of re-posting here. I am quite wrapped up in getting a number of posts online to run while I am at these events. I’ll be exploring them as press and I look forward to presenting you some posts so stay tuned. Oh and before I go, if you are curious as to what the folks at Image Comics usually give away at Book Expo click on THIS LINK. See you soon.

Official Websites:

Exploring Book Expo America 2015: Part 1

Logo - BEA

Hello readers and welcome to my explorations at this years Book Expo America. Its also commonly referred to as BEA and for a few years has been taking place at the Javits Center where you find us for Comic Con, Photoplus Expo and Toy Fair. In the past I’ve documented these findings over on the PiercingMetal.com site in narratives that you can examine HERE but this time around I wanted to line it all out on the PiercingKen site. My reasons for doing this are simply based on their being a wider range of discoveries that fell outside of the normal offerings of the stuff I would focus on with my other site so sit back, enjoy that coffee and wander the halls of Javits with me.

bea 2015, book expo america 2015, book expo america photos
Book Expo America 2015 by Ken Pierce (2015)

Here’s what the Press Badge looks like for BEA and as you can see there is a QR Code that vendors and such will be scanning throughout the course of the expo. Its easier to add my outlet to mailing lists in this fashion to be honest. Here’s a couple of shots of the lobby floor before I headed inside the expo.

bea 2015, book expo america 2015, book expo america photos
Book Expo America 2015 by Ken Pierce (2015)

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