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Happy Halloween 2017 Readers!

Hey there readers, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Halloween. It’s one of my favorite times of the year and I just love all the garish and creepy decorations and costumes that one can find around their neighborhood. As I try to do each year, I’ve cobbled together some visuals that I’ve seen around during my travels. I didn’t go to any extensive hunting this year but did manage to find some cool things.

I like starting with my black cat Spooke and in this photo she is sporting a cute Court Jester collar that I got during the recent TTPM Event that I attended. It has bells on it and I think she looks great in it. I’m glad she lets me indulge in this silliness around the special holidays.

Now its onto a bit of spookified images. I didn’t really go all out in my own place this year but think that perhaps I will do something more next year.

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Happy Halloween 2016 Readers

Jeepers, creepers my readers it’s that time of year once again and Miss Spooke and I wanted to wish you a very “Happy Halloween”.


I didn’t really have any sort of costume for her and the mask pictured was too big so let’s leave her undisguised today. She was talking to me in the shot which made this all the more fun a capture. Have a safe day today, be kind to the Trick or Treaters and if you have a stray cat that comes around your place, consider giving them something to make their day better as well. Enjoy your Halloween.

Happy Halloween 2014 New York City (10/31/2014)

Happy Halloween my dear readers, my hope is that you are getting ready for a fun day or just are prepared to dish out some treats to the costumed visitors that will come a calling as the day progresses.


Readers of this blog are already used to my now annual presentation of various spookified images that I have snagged around the shops of NYC for Halloween but I would like to take this time to welcome all of our new fans to this sort of thing. I’ll keep the chatter limited and instead let your eyes do their own captions. Let’s do this.

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Happy Halloween 2013 NYC – Get Spooky!!!

Hey Readers it’s once again that time of year where I share a number of Halloween visuals that I felt caught my attention enough to grab a photo of and as the mood strikes me I tossed in a comment or three. I love this time of year and am getting this batch of sinister sights to you after seeing the legendary Misfits. Yes that article will be on my PiercingMetal.com site soon so stay tuned. Here we go, and Happy Halloween…..


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