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PiercingKen Goes To Toy Fair 2015

Now I realize that I just mentioned how I would once again be attending the fantastical Toy Fair for 2015 over at the Javits Center and how it was my fifth year doing so as a member of the press. I love this event and love sharing the findings on my PiercingMetal.com site for the fans of comic book super-heroes and science fiction movie properties but with our fifth year doing this show AND the PiercingMetal.com website reaching its 10th Anniversary this coming April, I’ve decided to try something a little different with this years coverage. Let me explain.

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During the Toy Fair events of the past I have tended to focus on the type of stuff that I mentioned up above for that website but there is always so much more to see and to be quite honest, not all of that stuff is proper content for my Heavy Metal and Pop Culture site.  That site sure does love having all the comic book things and action figure stuff but as I examine the aisles I am making numerous other engagements with vendors whose items are far off that mark.  Since I have some photos of these wonderful sights I’ll be assembling a few short chapters right here on the PiercingKen.com site for your enjoyment and education.  If this works out well enough, perhaps I will expand upon the idea with the 2016 coverage if I am attending the convention.  It’s all aimed at raising your awareness of the cool things we are observing in our Metropolis and to bring some hopefully interesting growth to the PiercingKen.com website.  Those posts will fall under the Event Reviews area and shall start being posted in the coming days.  See you then.

To see the Toy Fair 2015 Posts on PiercingMetal.com click HERE.

Official Website: http://www.toyfairny.com

PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2015

Just a quick post to let our readers of the PiercingKen.com site know that I was once again attending Toy Fair as a member of the accredited press and would be covering the event over on PiercingMetal.com. This will be my fifth year attending and I would be joined by Skeleton Pete for this adventure as well. This year the plan on delivery of the coverage will be a bit different and instead of lumping all of the events and sights together in one weeks time over a select handful of postings, I will instead be adding posts for the next several weeks and perhaps months for your larger enjoyment. The rationale behind this is based on the fact that so many of the items seen in said visuals will not be out for months.

toy fair 2015, toy fair, toy industry association,
Click Photo For PiercingMetal’s Toy Fair 2015 Coverage

Thanks for listening, please stay tuned for more PiercingKen observations as they come to me. With PiercingMetal.com now in its new fashion, this blog will be used more often to spotlight some of the stuff that we want to be sure that you see. Just an FYI that comments have been disabled for this post and can instead be left on the various topics that are applicable over on PiercingMetal.com

PiercingMetal Goes To Book Expo America 2013

Hey there my fine readers, I just wanted to take a moment of your time and share the news that I recently was in attendance at the Book Expo America convention for this year and have posted my coverage on the PiercingMetal.com site. New readers might not be aware of this but its a semi-regular practice of mine to showcase some of the diverse adventures on my main website right here with little traffic signs. That said, just click the logo below to be taken to my overview of that event. I went on a couple of days.

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Click Logo To See Coverage Of BEA on PiercingMetal.com

Comments are closed on this broadcast but if you attended BEA2013 and feel compelled to chime in with something you can do it on those posts. See you soon with more exciting images and narrative.

Official Website: http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/

PiercingKen Goes To The PDN Photoplus Expo 2011

It was almost Halloween and only a few short weeks after the NY Comic Con that I documented HERE over on PiercingMetal and that meant that it was now the PDN Photoplus Expo’s turn to take over the Javits Center. This was my second year attending and I would take this adventure with my good buddy Skeleton Pete.

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For the most part this post will be one of photos only and I will admit to paying a little bit more attention to some of the models that we chanced upon. So without any further adieu, here we go.

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PiercingKen Goes To The PDN Photoplus Expo 2010

Today was going to be my first ever time attending the PDN Photoplus Expo at the Javits Center. Even though I have been writing and photographing the things that interest me for a number of years now, it was only very recently that I decided to delve into the conventions and that is why my PiercingMetal fans have some coverage of the 2010 NY Comic Con on the main site.

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