PiercingMetal’s Scenes From Five Points Festival 2019 @ Brooklyn Expo Center

Hello my friends, it’s always nice to have you dropping by this little lifestyle website of mine. You’ve chanced upon one of my shameless plug posts as today I’m here to share some of the sights and scenes from this years Five Points Festival which was once again held at the Brooklyn Expo Center. By now most of you know about that event space from my narratives about the NYC Hot Sauce Expo which happens in April. Clicking the highlighted text will bring you to that story but now onto the business at hand.

five points festival banner

My exploration of the annual Five Points Festival can be found over on the PiercingMetal.com website since that is where I end up posting MOST of the conventions that I regularly go to. It was the continuation of a few busy days with three days of Book Expo leading up to it and the day after was going to be The Book Con. To enjoy our narratives and all the colorful photographs from FPF just click HERE to be magically transported to the other site and if you don’t want to do that just yet you can enjoy this brief walk-through video.

As is my standard with such a redirection of your attention, the means to comment on this narrative has been disabled. Instead, I encourage you to post any topical thoughts that you might have on the chapters that the link will lead you to. Closing up, you should look into this event if the description intrigues you and of course keep following the assorted social networks being used by PiercingMetal.com (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter). We do our best to entertain and engage with them and now back to the regularly scheduled features of “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken”.

Official Websites:
Five Points Festival: http://www.fivepointsfestival.com
Clutter Magazine: http://www.clutter.com