PiercingMetal Went To WinterCon 2016

If you’ve been reading “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” for any reasonable length of time you already know that we explore in great visual detail the goings on at the massive NY Comic Con. That being said, its not the only convention that happens in our great metropolis and when the schedule permits we try to get ourselves properly set up and document the adventures on the PiercingMetal.com website. This past weekend, NYC hosted the 2016 WinterCon at Resorts World Casino out in South Ozone Park, Queens and we attended one of the two days that took place. Clicking the logo below will bring you right over to the visual coverage on PiercingMetal.com so we will see you over there.

Since this is only a signpost directing you to the other website, I have disabled the means to comment on this. You may leave all of your topical views on the posts that reside on PiercingMetal.com though so please do that should anything “speak” to you. I’ll be back soon with more chronicles so until then, see you next time 🙂

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