PiercingMetal Went To Five Points Festival 2018 @ Brooklyn Expo Center

Readers of “The Chronicles” and of course the PiercingMetal.com website know that we go to a LOT of different conventions to bring you exciting and colorful visuals that hopefully spark some visiting of these events on your end. Now its time to share another adventure that was done for the PiercingMetal side of the fence with the 2nd Annual Five Points Festival that took place at the Brooklyn Expo Center this year. Clicking the banner down below will transport you to the coverage of the Saturday of that event.

This was a busy week right into the weekend with the Book Expo taking place as May ended and this event rolling in and being held at the same time as the Book Con. Overall I would end up doing three days of the Expo and one of FPF and one Book Con. So as usual with my signpost redirects to the other website, the means to comment on this missive has been disabled. I feel that its better for those interested to comment on the full posts that inspire them to do so on them directly. It matters more at the end of the day. Thanks for reading this website, its my hope that we keep you entertained.

Official Website: http://www.fivepointsfestival.com