Ville Juurikkala; A Finnish “Islander” In NYC (11/30/2012)

One of the things I love most about having this side blog is the chance to share some amazing adventures around my city or things that are happening right under peoples noses and need to be shared. Such would be the reason for this particular posting as the other day I received an invitation to the opening party of one Ville Juurikkala. For those who don’t know the name, he is a world renowned photographer who has worked with the likes of HIM, The 69 Eyes and Nightwish. Check out the invite below….

Ville Juurikkala, islander photo exhibit
The Invitation

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Reflective Musiciality Of Studio Time Long Ago: Master Blend Studio

I mentioned that one of the things that I will likely be doing with the PiercingKen blog is reflecting from time to time upon the “old days” of my musician adventures. Yes there was a time that I reached for the brass ring as a drummer (and occasional vocalist from behind said kit) in some pretty cool bands. The two bands of note were Machine (who have some blog posts already in this site) and the band I was in before that which was Eclipse. It’s the latter band who gets the reference for these photographs which were taken a couple of years ago as I was out wandering and happened upon what was at one time a very regularly visited space. Take a look.

Do you recognize this at all my friends? Well, those of you who are or were musicians in Bay Ridge or Bensonhurst Brooklyn might. This is the entrance to Master Blend Studios and it was upstairs from this store. You trekked up a precarious set of stairs and there you were. The studio had two rooms, a larger and a smaller room. I know we always opted for the larger room because the cabinets were a little better and there was a double kick drum which was necessary for me. No double pedals yet. The studio was up on Bay 19th and Bath Avenue and while it was a trek to go to, we no longer had the luxury of Slunky Studios or Bay Ridge Studios to use to work up our chops. Sadly I don’t even think I have photos from any of those other two places. This was a pre-digital everything time in society and I guess a somewhat simpler time as well. Now in addition to rehearsing here with Eclipse, we recorded a three song demo here and after leaving their ranks I do recall that Machine booked time here every once in awhile. There were a couple of smaller side projects that played here that I had some involvement in but they were very short tenured groups.

I realize that I only posted a couple of photos from the outside of the place but even two years ago when they were shot the rehearsal space had been long gone. I do think that I have some actual band practice images somewhere in my photo boxes in the closet but since this is all physical stuff it would need to be scanned first in order to share with you. Perhaps when time allows I will add to this line of narratives with that stuff. Until that time. Cheers.

My Secret Remedy Cure-All Now Shared With The Worldwide Readers Of

You should try it sometime because it really works. I make sure to let this happen all the time and even share it with others. That is all I have for now my friends. Have an awesome everything and stay tuned for more whatever I come up with.

Meet “Truculentus Flora” The Plant…..

Do you remember the movie, then Off-Broadway play and eventual movie once again called “The Little Shop Of Horrors”? You don’t!!!!! Crap. Well, okay to sum it up it’s a love story about an alien plant with a ravenous craving for blood and its hapless owner/minion to its insidious plans. There you go. Done. Look it up if you need some additional information, it was a fun film and it’s a musical by the way (well, at least the latter two instances of it were). I admit that I never saw the original film by Roger Corman. So with that being said while on some wanderings with our fellow blogger buddy The Beehivehairdresser, I chanced upon a very strange looking plant and one that totally seemed aimed at us all with sinister intent. Take a look and tell me if you disagree.

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Don’t Worry Be Happy :)

I’ve been wanting to use this photo for awhile now, and I figured now was as good a time as any. I actually captured this image while wandering the city to one of my adventures earlier in the year and not really having the best of days. When I glanced down and saw this slightly blemished and worn smiley on a string, I had to admit that it made me smile and helped clear the head. You see, this little yellow face was just lying there and had been stepped on, blown about by the elements and was showing signs of wear but the smile was still big and visible. I took that as a kind of a sign.

So what was troubling me you might ask? Eh, it was nothing all that worth mentioning. I was just having a slightly frustrating day and I guess it was all taking its toll. This little image reinforced my resolve and I hope that whenever some minor stuff is plaguing you that you can find some inner strength to just smile through it. I think it helps a bit.

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