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“Fear The Riff” Expo Announces Expanded Vendors For Debut Event Coming 10/7/2017

A little over a month ago, I broadcast that the “Fear The Riff” Expo was heading our way in early October and as you read this posting, that very convention is only days away. The full press rundown was outlined in a post that you can examine on THIS LINK and then you can come back here for the update.

I didn’t want to repeat the same press release twice but instead felt that I should focus on the sweet six string and devices vendors since the list has expanded quite a bit since that first post. Take a look at this list and tell me that the wallet isn’t screaming at you to try some of this stuff out (if you are a guitar player of course).

The Vendors: Adventure Audio, Amplified Parts, Analog Alien Guitar Pedals, Avedissian Pick Ups, Black Arts, Boss/Roland, Brian Mercer, Champion Leccy, Charvel Guitars, Damnation Audio, Daredevil, Death By Audio, Dunlop, Dunwich Amps, Earthquaker Devices, Electro Harmonix, Electronic Audio Experiments, Ernie Ball, EVH, Friedman Pedals, Fuzzrocious, Gibson, Gizmotron, Gretsch Guitars, Ground Control, Heartbreaking Dawns, High River Sauces, Jackson Guitars, KMC Music, LIC Foot Pedals, Lone Wolf, Main.Ace.Fx, Millimetric Instruments, Morley/Ebtech, Night Owl Industries, Old Blood, Noice, Option Knob, Pedal Genie, Phil Jones Bass, PRS Smith Guitars, Quilter Labs LLC, Red Panda, Rigs of Doom, Sam Ash, Schecter Guitars, Seymour Duncan, Small Sound/Big Sound, Supro & Pigtronix, Tomkat Pedals, Tone Mob and others.

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On Stands: The Final Print Edition Of The Village Voice Is Here

Moments ago I pressed “publish” on a post that shared the images of the final printed edition of The Village Voice weekly newspaper over on the website because it was such a proponent of NYC entertainment and regional culture. My photo below showcases this very issue which I was lucky to find.

the village voice,

I’m sharing the news here on “The Chronicles” because we aim at covering the important facets of NYC as much as possible and the ending of a printed edition such as The Voice is some pretty big news. You can check out my brief narrative by clicking HERE since there are a few more photos and some insights about the whole thing. I just wanted to be sure that you readers of “The Chronicles” were aware also in the event that you wanted to hunt down a copy before they all disappear. It hit the stands yesterday and even today the bins were not easy to find. Good luck.

Official Website:

A End To The Stream As Flixster Video Closes Down :(

It seems that I am a couple of days behind in this news, but apparently Flixster Video has ceased its operations and will no longer allow for the redeeming of Ultraviolet Codes or the streaming of videos that have been purchased via its apps. Their official word on the happening are below the logo.

“Flixster Video will no longer support code redemption or streaming and downloading of content. Redeem codes and access your Flixster video collection after that date by signing up or logging into Vudu, another UltraViolet retail service ( or access your collection from other UltraViolet services like FandangoNow.”

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I don’t know how I missed the news that the company was purchased along with Rotten Tomatoes back in 2016 by Fandango but I guess that is a good thing going forward. I didn’t “love” the Flixster Video app that I had on my phone since I could not enjoy my digital films on any other device outside of the mobile. It wasn’t on my Kindle Fire, it wasn’t on my PS3 and since I didn’t have a Smart TV to check about my access to that which I “owned” was limited. I had created an account on Vudu sometime ago and guess I will now be using it more since I am understanding that all of my films from Flixster will be there. They better be since there were about “30” of them at this point. According to some of the stuff on their website, they said that a lot of things which were available will remain in place but for me since I only wanted it for my films, I will not be keeping the apps on my mobile device. Its much more important to have additional space for other apps that might help my day be easier. Speaking of additional apps, I’ve been enjoying using the Google Play Movies app since that is available on my mobile, and my PS3 via YouTube (since Google owns them) and that let’s me watch those films on the television. One thing I didn’t like at all was the myriad of apps necessary to enjoy ones digital purchases. I know that companies want to generate attention to their own stuff but it was annoying to need three different apps for one single purpose.

What do you folks think? Will you be using the Vudu app now for your films or work within whatever Fandango offers. Let me know in the comments section below. Going forward I think I am fine with Vudu. I will probably peruse Fandango a little more since it has subsumed two things I used on and off but I don’t see another app going on the phone. Goodbye Flixster, you did a decent job at this and I will miss your interface.

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The Solar Eclipse Is Coming, The Solar Eclipse Is Coming!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you probably know that a solar eclipse is coming our way on Monday, August 21st and if you live in the USA, there are parts of the country where you will see all or some of it. We haven’t had one since 2009. Now unless you are planning on watching this phenomenon from the comfort of your home on the television or streamed somewhere on the websites of the globe, its IMPERATIVE that you are wearing the proper eye protection. According to the news reports, libraries across the country as well as your neighborhood optical place should have free glasses that will allow for a safe viewing of said eclipse. The stuff down in the photograph below are NOT recommended for viewing this eclipse.

The friends circle who follows my Swarm app check-ins know that my quest for a pair of these glasses has been less than successful. I also did these Check Ins on YELP and you can follow my account by clicking HERE (I don’t add those who I have not met IRL but following the profile works just as good). I called two area libraries who said they never had them and didn’t think they’d arrive before the eclipse and the larger pharmacy and retail stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens and Duane Reade didn’t have them either. As a matter of fact one clerk tried to sell me these lens covers that you see below. I quickly informed him that this is NOT what people are asking for and unless the store wanted lawsuits afterward they should not try to push these are safe to use. Oh I didn’t buy these from that visit but they are perfect for covering my regular glasses in the bright sun.

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The “Fear The Riff” Expo Is Coming To Brooklyn In October

It’s not often that I actually post a press release on both of my websites, but with this brand new “Fear The Riff” Expo that is heading to the beautiful Brooklyn Expo Center in October, it was something that I really needed to do. Check out the full press release below along with the show poster and I’ll close up with some thoughts about the matter.

The Press Release:
Brooklyn, NY – The first annual FEAR THE RIFF Expo will be coming to Brooklyn on October 7, 2017. Gearheads, effects aficionados and fans who want to meet their heroes alike will enjoy the event, happening at the Brooklyn Expo Center from 10am through 8pm.

The Guitar industry is in the midst of a true renaissance. A surge of innovative boutique and small batch crafters have carved out an exceptional market for true tone seekers and gear heads. FEAR THE RIFF is proud to have assembled the best in boutique guitar effects, amps and accessories in the country’s greatest city, New York. For one day, 50-plus vendors will converge upon Brooklyn’s expo center to demo their latest creations to industry, press and of course music fans from all over. FEAR THE RIFF Expo is the perfect environment for makers to network, get exposure for their latest creations and sell inventory on-site directly to the public.

In addition to the one-on-one experience attendees will have discussing products with the makers, they will also have access to our SAM ASH Sponsored demo stage. Throughout the day highlighted companies will have a chance to demonstrate products to the crowd. Renowned sponsored artists may show up to promote their favorite essentials and meet their fans.

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