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Happy Friday The 13th My Fiends

I’ve never viewed the day as one of bad luck or that a Black Cat crossing your path will find you in some sort of distress if it happens. As a matter of fact, this black cat below crosses my path a few dozen times a day. Have an excellent “Friday The 13th” from Spooke and I.


Presenting PiercingKen’s “Best 9” Instagram Photos For 2016

Hello my fellow photo hounds and those who just like looking at images around the web on the social networks.  The other day I discovered what the “Best 9” photos were for the Instagram for my site and as some of our readers might already know, this profile has been in play for a few months longer than the “METAL” one but is more broad in its presentation. The overall tally of the Official PiercingKen Instagram at the time of my posting this narrative is that it has 966 photos uploaded and a profile that is followed by 501 users. According to the “Best 9” website this account has had 3,374 likes on 206 photos. I think that’s pretty cool and am glad that I make some people smile with the profile. I hope to use it a lot more in 2017 based on what I see around me. Now, thanks to the fun website link which you will find at the end of this narrative, I was able to learn what my “9” most popular posted images were in 2016 and I wanted to share that with you below. Here is the graphic of those nine images.

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A Bay Ridge Ride Along: The Scenic Route

Was out with a friend not too long ago doing some errands and general zipping around when I realized I was close to a stretch of the Belt Parkway that my Pop always used to refer to as “The Scenic Route”. With that in mind I snapped to attention with the Galaxy Note 4 and recorded some video that I am now sharing with friends, family and fans of our little home on the web. Well, the ones that are not usually following the stuff I mean (insert shameless plug here LOL).

Before you ask, the answer is NO I was not driving and please pardon the bumps in the video, this is “as is” presentation like you were sitting there zipping past the Narrows on the way to the exit that brings me to the Creative Command HQ. Speaking personally, I’ve always liked this particular run of road and am glad to share it with you all. I thought it would be fun to send to my no longer area resident parents who have retired to the warmer climates of the south. Be sure to do this yourself should you be in town for any reason 🙂 Until next time.

PiercingMetal Went To WinterCon 2016

If you’ve been reading “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” for any reasonable length of time you already know that we explore in great visual detail the goings on at the massive NY Comic Con. That being said, its not the only convention that happens in our great metropolis and when the schedule permits we try to get ourselves properly set up and document the adventures on the website. This past weekend, NYC hosted the 2016 WinterCon at Resorts World Casino out in South Ozone Park, Queens and we attended one of the two days that took place. Clicking the logo below will bring you right over to the visual coverage on so we will see you over there.

Since this is only a signpost directing you to the other website, I have disabled the means to comment on this. You may leave all of your topical views on the posts that reside on though so please do that should anything “speak” to you. I’ll be back soon with more chronicles so until then, see you next time 🙂

Famous “General Tso’s Chicken” Creator Peng Chang-kuei Has Died (1918-2016)

Say it isn’t Tso! Okay, I realize that was a horrible play on words but I’ve officially lost my patience with 2016. It seems that it wasn’t enough to take a score of Rock music notables from us so now its decided to take not only the creator of the Big Mac hamburger Jim Deligatti but now also Peng Chang-kuei who is the man long associated as the creator of the fabulous General Tso’s Chicken dish. Mr. Chang-kuei died of complications from pneumonia the other day as well and he was 98 years old so surely he had an awesome run on this plane. We thank him so kindly for one of our most favorite Chinese food offerings. It really is one of my very favorites and after Chicken w Broccoli became my standard after years of only eating Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. My Mother will confirm that for many years that was the only choice I would make or Pepper Steak. The last one is a rarity for me based on the intolerance that I have for onions nowadays. For some reason the dish has become one that is loaded with onions and so much so that it should be renamed. Sigh.

My photo below is of my dinner from last night and ordered from the nearby Ha Ha Chinese Take-out restaurant. They are one of my constant go to places for such fare along with the longtime staple of Pearl Of China. I had just returned from a comic convention and was exhausted and the Ha Ha place is on my corner while the other was a big of a walk. I needed food and sleep after the Con for sure. Obviously its an order of General Tso’s Chicken with Fried Rice. Ha Ha makes it with a slight tang but not too hot. I always end up adding a healthy dose of Sriracha to it when I assemble my plate. I love that stuff.


You can learn more about the history of the very famous dish by clicking the Wiki entry down below. Information about Peng Chang-kuei is also linked in that entry and makes some interesting reading. Rest In Peace Chef Chang-kuei and thank you for recipes.

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