Happy Easter 2014 To All

I’d like to take a moment to wish all of our readers that are celebrating Easter a very happy holiday and as is the usual practice here with this little blog of mine, am presenting themed images from things I saw in my travels that relate to it. Let’s wander.


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My Last Visit To Roseland Ballroom (4/9/2014)

The venue had officially closed only two evenings prior to these shots being taken and since I had to be in the city to see some newly made friends, I decided to take a slight detour to go pay a visit to The Roseland Ballroom one more time. I was hoping for some kind of phrase on the marquee like “Thanks NYC” or “Goodbye” but as you can see by these images this was not to be found. That was sad.


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A KISS Themed “Throwback Thursday” For All :)

It’s Thursday and according to the way that the world of Social Networking Legions engage their friends, fans and other populace – it that means we need to put up some kind of image that refers to our past or youthful times. A “throwback” to yesteryear so to speak. Ordinarily I have been fine with posting a scanned older photo on my personal Facebook page and perhaps a musically themed one on my Official PiercingMetal Facebook but since we are also celebrating the fact that KISS gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later tonight I wanted to do something a little different and post it as a blog as well instead of limiting it to Facebook. So what do I mean? Well, the photo below is the box for the “KISS Your Face Makeup Kit” by Remco. It was released in 1978 and allowed you the means to do yourself up as any one of the masked foursome. Remember this was also at a time of complete band mystery and only a choice few knew what the band looked like without their signature makeup.

Photo - KISS Your Face Makeup Kit - 1978

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Hitting The 2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo (3/30/2014)

The other day I attended the 2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo that was being held at the Penn Plaza Pavilion and it was a spicy good time. Thanks to the invite by High River Sauces, I was able to peruse the offerings and bring you the best scoop possible. I would be joined by my friend Skeleton Pete and while it might have been nice to run some photos here, the full on coverage is on my PiercingMetal Blog since there are some Metal celebrity involved.

Click Poster To See Coverage

Click Poster To See Coverage

I’ve disabled the means for comments on this post since we are using it as a traffic sign to the full on piece. Please do check it out and let us know what you think. Especially if you attended as I love hearing other peoples opinion on a time such as this. I’ll close by thanking Steve Seabury of High River Sauces once again for the invite. You rule brother.

Official Website: http://www.nychotsauceexpo.com/

To Quickly Cook A Quality Culinary Concoction

I’m pretty sure that I had made something similar to this and shared it here with you on the blog but since this was slightly different I decided to share it just the same. I’ve no real name for the dish so if you come up with something that works I might just give you a toast and shout out.


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Spring Has Sprung In NYC :)

Today is the first day of Spring and after the amount of snow that we received here in NYC I say “Welcome”. I hope all of you are preparing for some good times with the important people in your day.


Thanks for reading our often stranger little home on the web. I love having you drop in and promise to keep the ideas coming at you whenever possible. Happy Spring 2014 :)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014: Let’s Get Green!!!

Well hello there dear readers of the Chronicles of PiercingKen and let me be one of the first to wish you all a very “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”. It’s time for us all to get a little green going on and as has been done for the past few years on this blog, I present to you some themed findings from my travels around NYC’s streets and shops.


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I’m Headed To Toy Fair 2014!!!

Toy Fair 2014 Is Here & I Am Sooooooo Excited!!!! Can you tell? This marks my fourth year of being accredited press for the massive event and it never ceases to interest and amaze me. I’ll be heading over to the Javits Center with my good buddy Skeleton Pete for the full run of four days and I expect to return with tons of photos and insight about the coolness that is coming for you collectors and hobbyists. I suggest you get your wallets ready and set to “spend”.

Logo - Toy Fair 2014

This is just a little notation post to say “away from my desk” for the duration but don’t worry I will be back as soon as possible with items to share here and over on the Official Blog for PiercingMetal.com – If you’re new to our Internet presentations you might want to visit some of the past coverage of the events over the years by clicking HERE. Of course we never mind you diehard readers reflecting on it all either.

See you soon……

Happy Valentines Day 2014 Dear Readers <3

Hey there friends it’s everyone’s favorite Hallmark Holiday once again and I just wanted to take a moment of your time to share some themed visuals for this particular day. Since I was not rushing to make extravagant dinner plans or worry about the roses arriving on time for that special someone, I had a little extra time on my hands to play with. First up is this rather silly little “Heart Man” that I have had for years. It was one of the things that my Grandmother had given me to hang up in my old apartment and I just love it so had to share him with you all. Pardon that he is right now sprucing up my intercom.


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To Live Life Specially and Spicy….

You must find ways to fill it with something fresh when it appears to you like this…..


I suggest music, art, adventure, literature or food with friends until it looks as such below.


Live good friends. No Sriracha was harmed for this presentation :)

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