Wishing Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Just a quick wish of a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that I know in the real world along with those I know from the cyber realm who happen to be celebrating this particular holiday. When I saw this giant stuffed turkey during one of my wanders, I knew he was perfect for this posting 🙂


I’m hoping that this note finds everyone who comes to this little site of mine in good form and that you have someplace to be today and friends/family/colleagues to be thankful with together. Recent news only firms up the need for our sticking together as much as and whenever possible to do so. Hopefully your planning on settling into a big meal today and please remember that there is NO Facebook at the table or even Instagram for that matter (unless of course you are like bombing any of my posts on our social networking pages hint hint, nudge nudge). You can save that for the coffee time without losing your mind I am sure. Try to check in with people who you might not have heard from recently or touched base with as often as you might have liked to for one reason or another. It only takes a second with a mobile device and please do not do a massive group texting wish because those are just so impersonal these days and start endless reply streams of “who is this, why are you texting me”……trust me I’ve been there. No bueno.

Speaking personally I am very thankful for all of the wonderful people who have touched my life along with the extra special thanks to my parents and my sweet cat Spooke. I’m sad that we don’t have Shadow here with us anymore but wow was I thankful to have as many years as we did together before she left. Be extra appreciative of your fur babies today as well with added treats, leaving them be on the couch even if they are not supposed to be there and more playtime. Oh and did I mention less Facebook already? I hope so. I’d like to think that everyone seeing this has something if not several things to be thankful for even if its not always clear as a bell. Do a little extra today as appreciation of that and see if you can keep that mindset going well into 2016.

That’s all I got, have a Happy Thanksgiving my Friends.

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