Welcome To Bar Ridge Brooklyn!

I’ve mentioned a number of times how I am a resident of Bay Ridge Brooklyn, which is a nice little area not too far off the beaten path from the island of Manhattan and a space that is often referred to as “Bar Ridge” based on the sheer number of places that one can kick back a pint or three. I admit that this title always amused me as a resident because it really was true and some friends who moved out this way realized that they never needed to go far from home to have a nice time. With this being the case I was actually surprised that it took this long for a pub to open up and use that particular title but here we are in April of 2012 as I proudly broadcast an image of the “coming soon” establishment called BAR RIDGE.

The pub sits in the space formerly occupied by the likes of Antiquities, The Empty Mug and several other names that I have long forgotten. I lived right near there for some time and it seemed to change titles and owners on a regular basis. I will probably check it out to see if there is any worth in visiting when I need a watering hole or if they will be presenting live music since I have so many friends who play, but be aware that my posting this does not mean I have any personal stake in the place. I just was amused at there finally being a bar that played to this little bit of regional status. Its located on 5th Avenue just off 89th street (hence the 8910 in the photo)

As I close up on these thoughts, I have to wonder if the very clear usage of a trademarked image on their awning will cause them any grief going forward. Strangers to our zone probably don’t see it, but this is the exact same logo that is seen on our neighborhood “R” train line. That’s how you best get out this way if you plan on a visit anytime soon. To do that you would need to get this local train and get off at either the 86th Street or 95th Street stop. Mind you the first one is closest to the larger amount of shopping.

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