Voila! The Exploding Omelet….

It had been awhile since I did anything for this category on the PiercingKen blog, so I decided there was no time like the present. I had been rocking at three consecutive nights of Metal shows and awoke ravenous not too long before this posting and decided to do a little something different from making an omelet.


This time around I took a couple of eggs, a giant mushroom and a few slices of pepperoni since I just love the stuff and rather than slowly and carefully prep each piece and assemble them as I went along, I opted to toss it all in the pan together and cook it up. The end result looked like the aforementioned omelet had exploded. Tada.

Of course since I also have a great appreciation for cheese a single slice of American was added along with a healthy dose of hot sauce and the pictured wheat toast. This took five minutes to do. Give it a try sometime. Bon appetit.

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