Tugging Along on a Wednesday :)

I was out for one of my neighborhood walks/observations/inspirations or whatever and after being out for awhile ended up down on the 69th Street Pier. This is actually referred to as such by the area populace but is indeed called the American Veteran’s Memorial Pier”. Please make a note of it.

At the far end of the pier, near the sign I showed you up above, they have the American Flag presented proudly along with a POW MIA flag and I was happy to have timed this perfectly for my photographic needs. It was VERY windy today.

As I took a breather from the long walk, I looked out onto the water and my attention was directed to a very cool looking tugboat that was heading right past us. It was very sleek and modern looking so perhaps there is a new fleet being utilized in the harbor. Take a look. Pretty cool right?

I zoomed in a little too close here but look at the command cabin from here. Looks like this would be fun to be the captain of as you briskly break the harbor waters on your next detail. I wonder if they have WiFi.

I was down here with my good buddy Beehivehairdresser and we agreed that it almost seemed like a submarine based on how close it appeared to be on the surface of the water. What do you think? Have you seen this at any harbors near you? I’m always interested in hearing what you readers offer up. Here’s another, and similar shot as it passed us.

The tugboat is one of the Reinauer Twins models of boats. I placed their link below for you to do some additional reading. Pretty awesome stuff. The boat was quickly almost out of range from the cameras as you can see in my next shot.

Official Website: http://www.tugboatinformation.com/tug.cfm?id=1080

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