To Quickly Cook A Quality Culinary Concoction

I’m pretty sure that I had made something similar to this and shared it here with you on the blog but since this was slightly different I decided to share it just the same. I’ve no real name for the dish so if you come up with something that works I might just give you a toast and shout out.


I was supposed to go to a show this evening but the event was cancelled and while that depressed me just a little I now found myself with free time, a fridge full of various stuff and of course the need to get something in my stomach. What to cook I wondered and then decided on just mixing a whole bunch of different vegetables that I had on hand into the skillet and working my way through it. Here’s what I used.

1. 1/2 red pepper
2. 1 small box mushrooms
3. 2 big handfuls of snow pea pods
4. 2 reasonably sized jalapeno peppers
5. 1/2 of a Hillshire Farm kielbasa (a turkey one this time)
6. 1/2 cup of cooking wine (white)

Essentially I just chopped up the veggies and sliced the meat and then tossed it all into the skillet pan to mix it up and cook. I tossed in a pinch or three of oregano and realized after the fact that I forgot to add garlic but this would suffice. I served a couple of scoops of the finished product over white rice (which is generally NOT my preferred one these days but it works in a rush) and then added a wee bit of sriracha sauce for good measure. All in all this took perhaps 15 minutes in full (based on the prep of the rice) and worked out fine to sate that appetite need. Mind you there was a little bit of a kick to it based on the inclusion of the jalapenos which I decided to amp up with the sriracha but that is just my preference. Now back to the photo edits.

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