There’s A New Venue In Town: Introducing Stage 48!!!

Every now and again I like to use the blogsite to inform our readers about something that I think was super cool and informative and had been written exclusively for the PiercingMetal Official Blog. That being said, I just took a wander with my good buddy Skeleton Pete to a place called “Stage 48” which is a new venue opening up in NYC in full towards the end of March. Clicking the venue name below will transport you to PiercingMetal Musings where you can enjoy the narrative.

stage 48

Comments are locked on this post but you can surely leave us your opinions about the new venue space over on PiercingMetal Musings as that has been left open for you to do so once you have finished reading. As a frequent NYC concert goer, I am very excited about a new place to enjoy some killer bands and you can count on reports being done for shows over there for sure.

Official Website: