The Sinkhole of Bay Ridge (6/29/2012)

The other day a tree that grew in Brooklyn disappeared into the ground in front of the eyes of patrons of a nearby dining spot on 92rd Street off Third Avenue in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. How did this happen you might ask? Well, it was a sink hole and according to reports it was almost 50 feet deep. Talk about scary. Luckily no one was near it when this happened and emergency crews from the Con Edison, DEP and Fire Department were all on hand to make sure this was attended to. I was not able to get a photo of the actual sink hole but I learned this after taking all these construction shots as I thought this was it. It’s still interesting to look at.

According to one of the workers, it seemed as though the sewer had broken and caused this. They said the sewer went down as far as 80 feet and they would have a lot of work on their hands. I bet.

Here’s one of the implements of street reconstruction.

Here are a few better pictures of the work site. The whole section of street was now broken up and being looked into. They had to shut off water and gas for a little while since it would have been dangerous not to do so. I apologize if these are a little similar. Its tricky to get totally different images with something like this based on available angles.

Here is one that comes more from the vantage point of the outside tables of the restaurant.

I passed by the following day, or today if you are reading this blog post on 6/30/2012 and that was to snap some images of the big machines that were now doing their thing to fix this mess up. I had to chuckle when I think of how no matter how old we get, the sight of these kinds of machines just brings the kid out of guys. Take a look.

Looks like they will have this street back to normal in no time with all of this stuff doing their trick.

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