The Quad Unveils “Hammer’s House of Horror, Part I: The Classic Years (1956–1967)”

Though I don’t seem to get to the movies outside of occasional Marvel film these days, I have to admit that this particular film festival sure looks interesting. Take a look.

The Press Release:
Throughout film history, many countries have had their own point-of-pride movie studios; Britain can claim several, whether as backlots or sites of creative capital. In Hammer Films, a genre-oriented counterpart to Ealing Films, the UK could boast of one with all that and more; Hammer’s output in the second half of the 20th century sent aesthetic and sensory frissons throughout the nation while influencing pop culture and world cinema. Although synonymous with horror, the Hammer library was stocked from the beginning with films of all kinds. Founded in November 1934 as Hammer Film Productions and based in London, the studio came out of the gate with dramas and then specialized in “B” pictures and homegrown tales, pausing only for WWII. A turning point came in the mid-1950s with a move into genre fare with an accent on the Gothic, and this first crop of titles in the Quad’s extensive two-part Hammer retrospective demonstrates that—as Universal Pictures had found in the 1930s—famous monsters were a good (and generally inexpensive) way to expand your industry footprint. Hammer finally made its first color movie in 1954; a good thing, too, since what would the next quarter-century of movies have been like without all that scarlet sanguinary screen imagery?

Here’s a rundown of the films that are a part of the festival.

The Abominable Snowman
The Brides Of Dracula
The Camp On Blood Island
Cash On Demand
The Curse Of Frankenstein
The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb
The Curse Of The Werewolf
The Damned (aka These Are The Damned)
The Devil Rides Out (aka The Devil’s Bride)
Dracula: Prince Of Darkness
The Evil Of Frankenstein
Fanatic (aka Die! Die! My Darling)
Frankenstein Created Woman
The Gorgon
Horror Of Dracula
The Hound Of The Baskervilles
The Mummy
The Nanny
Never Take Sweets From A Stranger
One Million Years B.C.
Rasputin: The Mad Monk
The Revenge Of Frankenstein
The Stranglers Of Bombay
Ten Seconds To Hell
The Two Faces Of Dr. Jekyll
X-The Unknown
Yesterday’s Enemy

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I’ve seen a little more than a handful of these films and think that this is a great festival to enjoy and participate in. I wish I had more time off to just sit back and do movie reviews of this kind of thing. Now, since a lot of these films can use a description for those who are unschooled in them, you can click HERE and see a little bit about each one. What do you think about this film festival? Will you be checking anything out during the run? Let me know down in the comments section below.

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