The M&M’s Are Among Us – Yum

But fear not because “they come in pieces” LOLOL.

I’m sorry, I can never resist the chance to be on the corny side so where was I.  Oh yes, I was wandering around in the Big Apple after some very interesting museum visiting with my colleague and I was curious to see what else would pique the interest of my photographic eye for your entertainment.  Sometimes just walking around the city is inspirational and this particular day I was seeing a lot of tourists walking around with shopping bags from the new M&M World store.

Since I love the candy and have never walked into the shop, I decided to see what was going on inside.

Disco M&M?

As soon as you get in through the revolving doors you are greeted by a giant M&M in a polyester leisure suit.  It’s very “Saturday Night Fever” I guess when it comes down to it, and apparently that is the first thing tourists think of when they think of NYC.  Oh well.

If Lady Liberty were an M&M

Further into the store we see a fine example of the Statue of Liberty, if she was an M&M Candy that is.  I wonder if the visiting French tourists find this particular display offended by this one considering the fact that they gave us the original statue so many years ago.

The window washing M&M on his precarious scaffold appears to be yelling his lungs out.  Very Brooklyn if you ask me.  I wonder who got him so riled up.

If you were not watching your step you would have tripped over this little guy.  He was set up off to the corner of this massive gift shop that also happened to sell M&M’s.  I’m serious, this was really a super sized store to find almost anything you want with the M&M’s brand on them.

This lovely little number was just waiting for the proper gentleman to take her by the arm and into the big city for adventures.

I know, I know, I know.  You have been wondering all this time where the heck the actual M&M’s were in this place.  We did find them eventually and this was on the second floor in these super long tubes.  They had all different kinds of them as expected with the plain, peanut, peanut butter, almond and now pretzel.  Whew.

I held back from purchasing any of the stuff since it was not all that reasonable for my wallet of the day.  Plus, I really didn’t want a 1/2 pound of M&M’s, I am trying to be a little more conscious of what I munch on these days.  This is a different angle of the shot just above it.  Its obviously a multi-assortment of the candies.

This one appealed to me visually since it was all solids and just stood out a little more.  It was around this point that I was asked to take a photo of some charming Japanese tourists who wanted their photo taken in front of the large candy display.  I of course obliged but could not share the image here with you since I used their camera.  Maybe next time I will do one as well to have it work within the context of our narratives.

I mentioned how they had a wide assortment of items with the M&M characters or branding on them and of course there was this cup.   I didn’t even have to look all that hard for the name which was nice to see.  I guess it’s still a popular one which is good since its too late for me to change it.  No, I didn’t purchase this cup.  I am not all that crazy about having an M&M’s coffee mug but I still do want a cool KISS one.  Oh yeah and speaking of KISS…..

The KISS M&M's

I was surprised to not see these particular M&M’s anywhere in the store.  The photo above was taken when the band KISS had their new album “Sonic Boom” released at Wal-Mart and pretty much infiltrated the massive chain with a score of items.  I guess by now these have all sold out.  I didn’t buy any of them when this first happened since I lean to the regular kind and not the darker chocolates.  That, and the fact that I didn’t want to save a bag of KISS M&M’s for 25 years without opening them.

A Giant M&M Kong Animates The Outside

Here are a few more external visuals which I was able to better capture in the evening when all this stuff was brightly lit up.   As you see pictured above, NYC was once terrorized by a Giant M&M.  I knew it was no gorilla.

These are above the entrance and while I was trying to time them to catch the blue one in better perspective, I was in a hurry and needed to move on. Either way, you get “the picture” (HA, I’m so witty).

This jasper was on a giant animated screen and I loved his look of complacency so I snapped him for your viewing pleasure.  Anyways, so a few days after this I was coming home from a show and ended up directing two charming young ladies from Israel in the proper direction to their train.  Everyone was telling them the wrong stuff which made me shake my head.  They had M&M shop bags in their hands and were discussing their own adventures so I decided to include them in this little posting.

The girls were definitely happy with their purchases at the store we shared a common tale about and loved their bright bags which were loaded with M&M stuffs.  They made sure to give me some of the candy as well since they were sampling it on their way home.

"A Card For Mom"

This lass was showing off her card for her Mother which I felt was very nice to have done while the other had purchased a frame for her boyfriend back home to put pictures in.  Sadly, I neglected to jot down their names so cannot put them here in the story.  If they ever see this, I am sure they will write and say “hey that’s us”.

"A Frame For The BF"

Before we parted ways the girls suggested a photo of all of us together but there was no one else on the platform so this is the best we could get.  I am not all that enthusiastic about handing a camera over to anyone else anyway so that’s OK.

PiercingKen & The Ladies

Check out the M&M World if this stuff tickles your fancy:

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