The Iron Maiden’s Gonna Get Ya!!! (With Well Placed Advertising)

I was walking down 44th street yesterday with the Finnish Ambassador as we were headed down to the Bull Moose Saloon for a few beers before we would go over to B.B. King’s to see a live music performance. As we walked we both noticed how there was a larger than life poster for Iron Maiden’s new live CD and DVD “En Vivo” hanging on the wall of the parking garage. I just had to snap a shot of it because I very seldom see any Metal advertisements in my adventures.

I recently received a copy of this release actually and will be posting a review on my main site soon enough. The concert audio and video features footage from Santiago, Chile when the guys were touring in support of the album “Final Frontier”. Having missed that particular event when it came to NYC makes me very curious as to what it is all about. That’s all I have for you right now, stay tuned to this blog and of course the site to be entertained as much as I can offer you.

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